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Windows Update always fails a few updates for no reason

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    Windows Update always fails a few updates for no reason


    I'm using Windows 8 x64. I have Windows Update disabled for automatic updates, so it only updates when I manually check for them (in case that matters). It finds the updates, installs them and asks me to restart. Usually, it says underneath "Updates were installed: [date] (Failed)". When I restart, I check it back and the (Failed) is usually gone. However, when I see Update History is shows that a few of them have failed.

    As far as I can tell, I can't re-download them. I don't even know if these are important updates or not. I don't know if they failed to download or to install. All other programs that I use are able to update properly, how is it that the newest Microsoft OS gets about 1/4 of its updates wrong?

    This computer had a full system reset just a few days ago (the 22nd), and on the day I resetted I did an update, and already on that day it failed one update. So I know it's not due to programs conflicts, because at the time I had maybe Firefox and Dropbox installed, nothing more. Also I have no 3rd party Anti-Virus/Firewall, I rely on Windows Defender.

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    Is this an update, fresh install, or pre-installed on your system?

    Fixing oner or more of your failed updates may release the others as well, i see one of your updates requires you to download and run a particular file when it fails through windows update the file is delmigprov.exe

    This is from the Microsoft website:
    run delmigprov.exe to resolve an issue that could prevent Windows8-RT-KB2756872-x64.msu from being installed.
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    This did not work on my computer. This OS is beginning to remind me of vista.
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    we can try this to see if a service or program is interfering with your updates...

    (win) R type msconfig (enter)

    click services tab

    check on bottom [ ] hide all microsoft services

    click disable all

    click startup tab

    right click and disable each item listed

    close task manager

    click apply on msconfig click ok then reboot

    now try your updates you may need to reboot a couple of times as directed

    after all updates are applied

    run msconfig again and select [ ] normal startup from the general tab

    If all is well, then you have a program, virus or service interfering with your update

    Lets see how we do with the updates..
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    What I had to do is this:

    1) remove all non-Microsoft products
    2) roll back to the initial checkpoint.
    3) update with all Microsoft updates
    4) reinstall all other software except AVG2013

    runs great now
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Windows Update always fails a few updates for no reason
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