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DNS name does not exist

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    DNS name does not exist

    Is there a way to tag someone? I'm hoping NoelDP will take a look at this.

    I have a Lenovo Y400 that came with Windows 8. Windows was installed on the HDD though and I wanted to install it on the mSATA SSD. I have the System restore including OS installation disks from Lenovo. I wiped the hard drives and tried using those disks to re-install, except that it doesn't give an option on which drive to install to. It just re-installed to the HDD. I wiped again and tested with a Windows 7 installation disk I had and it installed just like I wanted on the SSD. After finding no other alternative I downloaded a Windows 8 iso file and did a clean install using a UEFI bootable USB drive. It installed to the SSD just as I wanted. I expected that since the computer came with Windows 8 pre-installed and I'd read that any new installation 'sees' the embedded product key that that was the end of it. Of course it couldn't be that simple. Windows can't be activated. I used BelarcAdviser and found the product key and used slmgr.vbs /ipk <product key> and it said that was successful but it still won't activate.

    Any suggestions on what to do now? I'm considering wiping, pulling the HDD and trying to reinstall with the Lenovo disks. Maybe if the HDD isn't there it will install to the SSD???? I hate to try that after getting this far.

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    It sounds to me as if your installation is failing because of UEFI Secure Boot - and it's forcing the install onto the HDD.
    Try removing the HDD from the machine before attempting a reinstall to the SSD using the manufacturer's Recovery media.

    I've never had an OEM Win8 machine I could play with - so this is guesswork on my part!
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DNS name does not exist
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