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Windows 8 De-activated ? HOW TO FIX ?

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    Download RWEverything and read the key from acpi table, then google an online pid checker and see what version is tattoed on bios, if its pro or core, if its one of those then any install disk should help to reinstall clean your windows.

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    Except he said in the first post he had retail version.
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    I've always peeled the cod sticker off of the box and stuck it on the computer (after leaving a photocopy in the box. I'd leave a photocopy elsewhere, but all of my computer stuff is in one easy-to-search filing cabinet)

    I'm curious as to how the "illegal" install to Windows 8 Pro was done. Aside from the fact that it won't install without a valid key, it could either overwrite all traces of the original key or left it behind in windows.old or something.

    I think OP needs to decide if he'd rather pay $40 or take the time to go through every single box in his house.
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    windows 8 pro

    I would just like to inform everyone i resolved the issue and am currently very happy

    I went into system updates and decided to just try them, when it restarted my computer it progressed through all the updates and then begin to read "recovering drive :C" this took a while, but sure enough it mended my broken computer and my original windows 8 retail version is back up and activated i have since, created a restore point, and taken not of my product ID, just in case this issue arises again
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    I am not sure if MS is still using the same product key registration system as they were when I was working there, but when a copy of Windows would randomly, but consistently require a re-activation; it meant that somebody else was using the same product key to activate a copy of Windows on another computer. Thus de-activating the first activation.

    When the person posted above me stated that support said they fixed it; they probably thought they had by reissuing/activating a new product key for your copy of windows. Either they goofed and issued an already activated key or you attempted to reinstall windows again using the old key.

    This is way more common with Office 2010 and earlier as it spits the product key back at you immediately during installation whereas windows will only have a problem if the same product key was activated/re-activated on different computers in the past 7 days.
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    I think you should download Windows Product Key Finder

    Windows Product Key Finder - Home

    After that you open it on the computer where your Windows 8 is installed and there your Product Key will be shown.

    With that product key you reactivate your Windows. The problem will be gone.

    Hope It helps...... Best of luck...
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Windows 8 De-activated ? HOW TO FIX ?
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