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Automatic updates stop laptop from working

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    Automatic updates stop laptop from working

    I bought a new laptop 3 months ago (asus k557) with windows 8 that was working fine. However, the latest automatic update from windows caused an unknown error that stopped it from being able to load windows on restart. I tried troubleshooting (unknown error, please restart) restarting (error, please restart) but the same blue page with a sad face kept popping up, so I used the advanced options to go in and do a system restore prior to the latest update an it loaded up completely fine. Now it's done the update again and I've had to do a system restore again, wondered if anyone had any suggestions other than trying to stop the updates altogether? Thanks.

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    Do you have an external mouse connected? disconnect it at try the updates without it, if problem persists then try the following

    Windows will not update if critical files are infected in your computer.
    Scan for viruses or malware

    Certain programs can interfere with windows, if you go to MSCONFIG

    click services click hide microsoft services

    click general tab

    click selective startup

    uncheck load system services

    uncheck load startup items

    click apply then ok then reboot

    connect your internet and download and install all the windows updates that are important or critical

    if all sucessful run msconfig click normal startup reboot
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    That is why automatic updates are a BIG no no for me.
    Have ran into a similar situation a few years back.
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    I was the same way, disliked updates and avoided them until I had problems then did selective ones.. But since Win7 I found it to be a necessary evil, at least until all your drivers are working.. Ive been allowing auto updates since and have had no ill effects.
    In fact my 2 year old Samsung infuse had no updates, and only a few apps have been updated, I find updates to be more fluff than useful..

    As for the mouse issue.. Ive read here in other links that the MS mouse was the cause of a failed update and the resolution was to unload the mouse drivers, restart win update, then download new drivers or dont install them unless you need to program special functions in it..

    Good Luck..

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    Same Problem, Almost

    It looks like the OP didn't post back that Brooklyn567's fix worked or not?

    I can't even try uninstalling external mouse because the trackpad has stopped working, period!

    I suspected the external mouse was a problem, and uninstalled everything when trackpad was working because it wouldn't even boot to Win8 screen. I got it running again by picking a restore point from 2012!

    Every time I install the tons of Win8 updates (to bring it to 8.1), it freezes upon reboot.

    Should I try Brooklyn567's suggestion, but will have to keep external mouse.

    note--Asus as well...G73 gamer laptop I inherited. :-(
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    Reporting back on my situation. I pulled both HDDs, ran all the usual thorough checks on them, plus for virus, malware, etc., and all clean.

    I could not open several locked folders on the drive that 8 was installed on, even with the Take Ownership command and changing permissions to Full. :-( I've never come across that before.

    I did a Clean Install of 8 Pro on the secondary drive and formatted the original primary as a secondary.

    All updates and software have been reloaded EXCEPT for all the Asus garbage that operates their gamer stuff. So far, so good.

    I still do not have the 8.1 update, but will report back if it crashes after that.

    --still no trackpad, sure it is dead; using external wireless mouse

    update--8.1 is installing now
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    It was at 100%, then froze, had to power off to restart. It auto rolled back to 8, again.

    Trying to get 8.1 so I can upgrade to 10.


    WHERE can I find a list of errors as to why it won't upgrade? IF it was not up to spec, it wouldn't install (?) until hardware issue is fixed, right?
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    @spddemun, try in an admin command prompt sfc/scannow, reboot and try sfc/scannow again. What does it say?
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    axe0, thanks for the reply! I will try that next.

    I tried installing 8.1 again early this AM, and was able to capture this before it reverted back to 8, again:
    Error message installing Windows 8.1: sorry, we couldn't complete the update to win
    dows 8.1. we've restored your previous version of windows to this pc. Error code: 0xC1900101 - 0x20030018

    I found this, based upon that error--didn't work, using iso burned to DVD.
    Windows 8.1 with Update 1 and do a repair upgrade over your current installation:
    Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help

    Result of the above was only to Setting Up a Few More Things 6% at hardware stage, then back to 8, with this error (have not looked up yet):

    I did the 1st install using Brooklyn567's advice in post #2--don't think it made a difference. Auto reverted already after that reboot.

    Thanks, again, will post back. :-D
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    Quote Originally Posted by axe0 View Post
    @spddemun, try in an admin command prompt sfc/scannow, reboot and try sfc/scannow again. What does it say?
    Ran once, restarted, ran again; no change, nothing found.

    Click image for larger version

    More info on this laptop. (not one listed in my profile)
    Intel Core i7, Q720 @ 1.60GHz
    This is a gamer laptop and I know the chip speed was faster than that before. So low now because overclocking software suite (Asus) is not installed?

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version
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Automatic updates stop laptop from working
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