If Microsoft is going to release an update to fix the issues some people are having with other updates not installing. Will the new update they are going to release install if the updates you already have will not?

In other words If I had not found a solution to my update problem and I could not get the updates to install. Would I be able to install any other updates released by Microsoft? My other question is kind of the same question again but I feel like I need to ask it to get an answer.

If I could not get the updates that were released last month to install on my PC. Would those updates not being installed stop me from installing other updates. Now I know that you need some updates to install others. But if I did not need last months updates to install this months updates. Would my PC not let me install other updates because I do not/(in this case) could not install the previous important updates.

This question does not apply to optional updates. If you are allowed to hide optional updates you obviously do not need them to install other updates. I think you can hide important updates but I still would like to know.