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What's going on II

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    What's going on II

    In the past few days, every time I turn around I get updates. Some are very extensive. These are coming from Microsoft Windows basically and HP Hewlett Packard, the manufacturer's of my new 2-3 month old computer.

    I've gotten a few from others too.

    When I log on I get updates. When I log off I get updates. At this moment I have a notice from HP that updates will start in 10 minutes.

    Not that I'm complaining. I'm just wondering if other are experiencing the same. I had read that there was a big fix coming with 52 items.

    Actually I logged on this AM at Mach speed. Fast, super fast. My computer has lots of zip.

    Is it just me or are you seeing it too ?


    Further on the agenda are my observations about there are some disappointed users of Win 8 who want to relapse back into previous versions.

    I realize that I'm beginning to sound like a broken record but users will simply not assimilate/learning Win 8 by osmosis or absorption. Buy a book. You're only fooling yourself if you don't.

    I bought:

    * Windows 8 Step by Step, by Ciprian Adrian Rusen and Joli Bellew. US$29.99 * Discounted 20%.

    Good to excellent but I decided on even a better one:

    * Windows 8 In Depth. Keith Knittell and Paul McFredies. US $49.99

    Barnes & Noble has these in stores in the USA and they are on line too at Amazon and others.


    Windows 8 is NOT difficult. it is intimidating. In reality it is twice the OS of any other previous.
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    Some Windows updates have to be taken place before some other updates can be installed so it is normal if you get multiple updates and eventually it will stop.
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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there
    can't understand this problem (wetibbe).

    I've switched on at least 4 computers in the last week with W8 -- one of then was last used at XMAS time -- and I haven't had ANY prolonged Windows update problems.

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    Hello Jimbo:

    Yes I had lots of problems. Lots of effort to remedy.

    I turned on another of my computers with Win 8 that had been sitting idle for days and it immediately began installing Windows 8 updates ????

    But then I have one with Vista Home Premium also and it bugs me to update IE-10 which I can't. Not sufficient capacity.

    I'm accustomed to updates. Get them all the time, for years, but this sudden rash of them was pretty unusual.

    Thanks for the feedback. Apparently the big 52 item fix hasn't occurred yet.
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    Orbiting the Moon
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    HP here as well. All works fine.
    The HP update is turned off because I install the drivers from their site periodically. I don't need some of the software they add pre-installed, so I cleaned some stuff out. Windows Update installed 43 updates yesterday but I don't know what you expect with a "big 52 fix item" maybe it already passed without big deal.

    It's quite normal to get many updates, one day more than the other. Stuff gets fixed, I also got drivers more often, it means they work well at MS.
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    Thanks for good tip on books, wetibbe. Have ordered Windows8 in Depth. Anything worth studying should be studied in depth. Just downwnloaded 241MB of updates, and quite a lot a week ago. I am used to large updates from Win7, and there are always big updates with a new install, Windows or Linux.
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What's going on II
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