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Update stuck... 12 hours now!

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    Ok... I did what you said and it found 2 errors regarding updates and fixed them. I restarted my computer (just in case), went to my control panel and was going to install the 33 updates I had left. To my surprise it says I have no updates available and the when I go to "view update history" it's empty and says "you have not tried to install any updates for your computer." And yes, I did run the "check for updates" and it said I had none.

    When I click on the "installed updates" in the lower left hand corner it does show a history and I see 8 updates done today, 1/29/13 and then several on 1/09/13 and 12/27/2012. Where are the 33 updates that it said I needed earlier today?

    .... WAIT!... before sending this message I clicked the "check for updates" one more time and voila, the updates appeared! Guess the PC needed time to get them back after I ran the troubleshoot program. Wanted to still send this message in case someone has the same issue.

    My PC has successfully downloaded all the updates and is currently installing them as we speak. My fingers are crossed it continues with no issues (on 3 of 30). Once done I will restart my computer (if it doesn't do it on it's own). I will report back.

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    Ok.... Went to grocery store thinking it would update while I was gone. Got back and found out it's still installing update 3 of 30... but also learned my husband disconnected my PC from the Internet and now I can't get it reconnected without stopping the installation. Does it need to be connected to the Internet to finish the installation? I said it downloaded the updates successfully, just needs to be installed.

    Please help... I'm starting to lose patients.
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    Can I stop the installation and just start over? Maybe installing 1 at a time?
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    If I "refresh" will I lose Microsoft Office that I installed? I know it says I will lose any Apps I have installed but that it save a list on my desktop. Does that mean I can click the Apps from my desk top and reinstall them? I'm nervous about doing this because I don't want to lose anything. It took some time to get Microsoft Office installed and I don't want another issue.

    And here I was telling my husband the other day that I was getting used to Windows 8...
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    Sorry, I was asleep, (finally, I had a bad case of insomnia last night). You disconnect the internet when the updates jam, not as par for the course. I'm not sure why Windows 8 seems to need the internet when its installing the updates. Try installing them one at a time and yes you would lose Microsoft Office and there's not guarantee the same problem wouldn't just recur with a refresh. I did my updates after only installing Office on my computer and had trouble. Start over, run the trouble shooter to make sure you're still good. If there's a service pack for Office install that first, because it might make some of the other Office updates go away. I got my computer on the 3rd, started it up on the 4th. Once I got the updates installed, although it was a struggle, by the Patch Tuesday the newest patches installed as per run of the small diagnostic program.

    Tell me how this works, and with every fresh update, run the troubleshooter and stay connected unless stuck in updates for hours. I'll stay replying with you as long as it takes, I just might have a delay between replies.
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    Unfortunately I did have to take the battery out again... I had no option. But, I did find out which update was freezing my PC. It was the Microsoft Share Point... have no idea what that is. I am currently installing the Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit. There is one for the 32-bit... but I shouldn't need to install that since I have the 64-bit, right?
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    Right! Install that one (the one with issues) manually- what's the Microsoft Share Point's patch number/name? It's usually KB something and I'll go through the update site and find it for you. I've had updates do worse, a client upgrade once trashed MSE and made me reinstall and update the entire program in Windows 7. Mine installed a 32 bit version Office 2010 from the disc, and I really didn't pay attention at the time but the 32 bit version works and is supposed to be more compatible with plug-ins and such (I might write long stories but they certainly don't need a larger file limit). Mine did so as a default installation so make sure via an office program under file>help tab that it is the 64 bit version, because Windows Update normally filters out the incorrect versions.
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    I will find that patch name and get back with you... at work. I think I have 5 updates that are 32-bit trying to load onto my PC. Is there a way to delete them from my "update list"?
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    Are these for your 64 bit version of Word or other things because quite a few programs on a 64 bit machine can be 32-bit, what are the names for the updates? Or alternatively a screenshot.
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    My PC is a Lenovo 64-bit OS, x64-based processor, 4.0 GB with Windows 8. My husband downloaded Microsoft Office 2010 a few weeks after I got it.

    The updates that are showing up right now are as follows:

    Security Update for Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 (KB2566445), 32-Bit Edition
    Security Update for Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 (KB2566445), 64-Bit Edition (tried to install this one since it was a 64-Bit, but it failed)

    Service Pack 1 Microsoft Office 2010 (KB2510690) 32-Bit
    Update for Microsoft Office 2010 (KB2597091) 32-Bit
    Update for Microsoft OneNote 2010 (KB2553290) 32-Bit
    Update for Microsoft OneNote 2010 (KB2589345) 32-Bit
    Update for Microsoft Outlook 2010 (KB2553248) 32-Bit
    Update for Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 (KB2589371) 64-Bit (tried to install this one as well but it failed)
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Update stuck... 12 hours now!
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