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KB2785094 Failure

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    KB2785094 Failure

    Anybody else having problems with this update in today's patch Tuesday offerings? I've had it fail to install on 3 different machines with error code 80070002, although I was able to install the sub-updates included in KB2785094 (KB2788350, KB2790920, KB2792009) via their respective .msu files.

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    Confirmed, NaySayer: identical experience on two separate 8 machines. Once again we are at Microsoft's mercy; but unless a system manifests one of the three very specific issues the patch was meant to correct, it doesn't seem like a critical failure.

    For folks doing real work with graphics and layout software, last month's Open Type fiasco was critical, time-consuming, and in quite a few cases very costly (billable hours lost troubleshooting and compensating).

    Update — alas, for us: this patch does work on some systems and resolves a major issue.

    View topic - Microsoft Fixes Major Windows 8 WMC Bug

    Now we'll have to figure out what blocks it on only some systems . . .
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    So, I was finally able to apply the update by doing an sfc /scannow on each machine. I'll have to check the CBS logs to be sure, but AFAIK the only thing common to all 3 machines was that I'd deleted the Accessibility, Administrative Tools, and System Tools folders under the Start Menu folder (in Users\{username}\Appdata\Roaming... etc.), which system file checker restored.
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    NaySayer: confirmed again. I had moved — not deleted — these sub-folders from Programs in ProgramData: Accessibility, Accessories, Administrative Tools, System Tools, Tablet PC.

    I assume the update routine modified (overwrote) a system exe or dll and then 'refreshed' the corresponding shortcut in one or more of these sub-folders. Perhaps it checked for the sub-folders first … whereupon the null return terminated the update.

    For the future, I have made a backup copy of these sub-folders (with their shortcut contents) so that they can be reinserted when a Windows update requires them.

    This is another instance of Microsoft curtailing user-customization in Windows 8; the price on the Desktop side for the folly of the integrated Metro side, IMO.

    P.S. Thank you for the doing the original leg work of this troubleshooting!
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    A ditto on the thank you to you both! Needle in this exact-same-scenario-for-me haystack.
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    Thanks for your suggestions - i also had this problem with KB2785094. However, whilst both troubleshooter and sfc /scannow found problems to correct, neither solved the install issue in my case. The only thing that worked was a clean boot, as advised here:

    UPDATES FAIL TO INSTALL - Microsoft Community

    not sure what caused the conflict, maybe the A/V (avast), although there was nothing reported to suggest such.
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    Hi there
    I remember reading about this some time ago -- on some systems it seemed to be caused by some 3rd party product which required some sort of licensing or activation and this sort of screwed up these Ms updates -- there were 3 of them which would cause the machine after reaching 15% update to always fail and roll back the updates.

    There were some posts on the Internet about having to switch some services off before doing these updates.

    Here's a possible link to start your research from.

    Good Luck

    Windows 8 won't install these updates. It fails at 15% - Microsoft Community

    I never did fix my problem -- however I DID need to re-install Windows completely a little wile back -- and this time Windows did all the updates -- as I updated the system before adding any Non Ms software.

    I'm not suggesting you do this unless you have to -- Ms should be aware of large numbers of people having problems with specific updates.

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    Weird, I get no updates available on "patch" Tuesday, tells me there aren't any. Is this just because my particular PC(s) don't need any patching, or there are mandatory patches available? Last patch I have gotten in was back on 12/21. Just double checked that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Lonewolf View Post
    Weird, I get no updates available on "patch" Tuesday, tells me there aren't any. Is this just because my particular PC(s) don't need any patching, or there are mandatory patches available? Last patch I have gotten in was back on 12/21. Just double checked that.
    The one they are talking about wasn't pushed at me either. Wonder why I am so privileged (or not ). Maybe it's 32 bit versus 64 bit.
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    I too have had MASSIVE problems with this install. I've spent a total of 5 hours with Microsoft Support, including 3 with a 'Level 2' support. Now, to be fair, I run Mac O/S 10.8.2 with Parallels 8, but this was ALL a clean install as of 6 days ago. Other updates are installing fine and, as per one of the other posts, elements/components of this update bundle. The Level 2 person finally threw up her hands and suggested that I trash the virtual machine and reinstall. Now that I see how common this is I'm disinclined to.
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KB2785094 Failure
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