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Windows Update hangs

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    Windows Update hangs


    My Win8 box is not quite 2wks old, so I'm a true newbie with the OS. I've tried searching for other threads on Windows Update failure, but haven't seen any referencing the formal release (eg, non-beta) date version. If I missed something, I apologize!

    Anyhow, I've yet been able to get Windows Update to run on my box. I first noticed the problem when I was trying to retrieve printer drivers. The most that got me was a .NET framework failure. Then I tried getting the updates to the Store. That likewise has failed.

    In addition, I'm also running into all kinds of app issues which I believe to be "update" related, but I can't of course confirm that since I can't get at any updates.

    Anyhow, if any the gurus out there have some suggestions, I'd be very grateful!

    Thanks so much.

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    I of course forgot to mention that when I try to launch Windows Update from Control Panel, it likewise hangs.

    Thnx again for your help!
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    Hi CarCar, welcome to the forums, try to install updates one by one while disabling your third party security if you have been using one.
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    I'll def try that! But first I need to get the updates. I don't think win update is even managing to pull them down. Or I simply haven't looked in the right place for them.
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    Go to Control panel (move the cursor to the bottom left, right click), System and Security, Windows Update, find Installed Updates (bottom left ) and post a screen shot.
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    That's the thing, Brummyfan. Windows Update is unresponsive no matter where I try to start it from. It simply hangs. :/
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    Couldn't you be able to open this window (snip), could you click Installed Updates and get a snip of that screen.
    Click image for larger version
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    Dungannon UK
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    I had the same problem as you tho in my.

    In my case Windows Update Service didn't work at all and because of that Windows Store didn't work too.

    Press Winkey+R and type services.msc, then look for Windows Update Service and disable it.

    Go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution and delete all contents of that folder then reboot your PC. If such folder doesn't exist then create it. If instead of folder you can see a shortcut (symbolic link) create SoftwareDistribution folder in the same place as shown in shortcut destination (this can be viewed in shortcut properties)

    After system reboot press again Winkey+R and type services.msc. Look for Windows Update Service and enable it.

    From now on Windows Update should work. Check if there are any updates availible to download and voila Windows Store works aswell.

    Hopefully it will help to solve your problem.
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    I think I may have solved the issue, after a lot of breath holding, one BSOD, and a bunch of re-starts. Sounds nuts but I think it had something to do with Norton Internet Security (pre-installed trial on the box). Now both Windows Update & Windows Defender are finally successfully running & updating. I am def going to keep the info above for future issues though!

    Thanks so much for helping!
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Windows Update hangs
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