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How can I find out my license duration

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    How can I find out my license duration

    Hello everybody,

    So here's the situation:
    I upgraded my let's say "legal" windows 7 to a legit windows 8.
    I got the key from my school, which is registered with that dreamspark program. And I have also heard that the license from there lasts only through your study period.
    Is there any way to check this information?

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    in command window, slmgr.vbs /dlv
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    I don't get a period or something, only thing I could understand was the Rearm count:1000
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    try slmgr.vbs /xpr
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    You should contact the school's System Admin - each school has their own contract with Dreamspark, and their own way of administering it.
    If you have a KMS license, then you have to log in to the school's KMS server at least every 180 days to re-activate the license..
    If you have an MAK License, then it's likely that it's only good for a single install (or at least that any fresh install after a certain period will be blocked)
    Blocking of licenses takes place at the server, not at the client, so there is nothing on the local machine (apart from the license type) which will give you a date - and in the case of an MAK Key, if you never need to reinstall, it should pretty much never expire.
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    Here is something interesting i found out: As you guys probably know you can get windows media center for free until 31st of january. When you order it (as i did) you get a new serial which you use to install it.
    So today i checked the serial that my pc is using(or at least the part that MS lets you see) and it is using the one for WMC, not the one that the school provided.
    Maybe this makes it permanently activated?
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How can I find out my license duration
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