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stuck on lock screen after updates

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    stuck on lock screen after updates

    alright.. so windows decided to update today, I chose reboot and update, and now, its stuck on the lock screen...

    help please? urgently needed.

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    update time.

    launched vaio care, did a refresh..

    refresh worked, but I noticed a problem on getting my lock screen again.

    I had selected, as the app to display a live feed on the lock screen, the inbuilt windows weather app.

    theres no live feed.

    I enter my password, log into the start screen...and notice another problem.

    the windows 8 nook pc app isnt displaying any of the live updates that threw me the first time I used it(was expecting either a green N or a live feeds of just in, my books etc), no, instead its giving me 'nook' in the same exact color scheme my nook color does on boot..

    then I tap on the skype app, it not only wants an update, but that self same update wont install...

    so.. since I'm leery of system restore(bad experiences on xp, vista and win7) I chose to zero out the machine with a reset, return it to factory specs.

    going to do it all over again.. not that I'd gotten very far past loading firefox and panda cloud antivirus.. mostly spent two days screwing with it and learning the OS.

    *frustrated tone* anyone else here have bad experiences with win8's update and refresh functions frakking them over?
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    conversation between brink and myself:

    Quote Originally Posted by Brink
    Quote Originally Posted by xraiderv1
    Quote Originally Posted by Brink
    Quote Originally Posted by xraiderv1
    Quote Originally Posted by Brink
    Quote Originally Posted by xraiderv1
    Quote Originally Posted by Brink
    Quote Originally Posted by xraiderv1
    ...yeah, that pm title says I'm frustrated and I have a line from a 70s/80s song 'sendin out an SOS' playing in my head, and I've got that whistle from the hospital scene of killbill playing as well..

    stuck on lock screen after updates

    .......some advice?
    I'd have said to reinstall as well.
    should I go with my instinct to turn off windows update when I start setting things up again?

    also.. have you heard of windows update on win8 frakking things up?
    Yeah, I would recommend to temporarily turn off automatic updating until you are finished getting Windows 8 setup how you like.

    Oh yeah, just like in Vista and Windows 7, Windows Updates can cause issues if you restart the computer or do something that may interfere with it.
    I moved a few photos onto my desktop, went to shut down as I had other things needing doing.. I got 'update and shutdown' and 'update and restart' as my choices.

    I made sure I was plugged into external power..chose update and restart.

    *is very confused*

    wish the forums had a live chat feature of some kind...
    You didn't turn off automatic updating. That means you have updates available.

    Windows Update - Automatic Updating - Turn On or Off in Windows 8
    now.. turning that off means it wont be telling me I've got x number of days before it restarts to complete the updates?

    also, is there any reason whatsoever I shouldnt be getting live tile behavior out of my nook app, downloaded off the windows store?
    Go ahead and post all of this in your thread, and let me know. I'll be happy to try and help there. This is to much for a PM.
    proving to be a FUN morning.. note the sarcasm.

    and here's whats playing in my head as I try to fix this..

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    You might see if resetting Windows 8 may help.
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    lol. thats EXACTLY what I ended up doing.
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    worked like a charm.

    had an initial hiccup with skype.. solved that by uninstalling the app, then redownloading.

    it wanted an update, which it wasnt taking.
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stuck on lock screen after updates
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