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W8 -- What's up with Update process -- always FAILS

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    W8 -- What's up with Update process -- always FAILS

    Hi there
    using a perfectly LEGAL version of W8 Enterprise - X-64 from TechNet -- but when I try and run Windows Update it Fails.

    I now get this wretched message every time I shut down the computer as well.

    I think I've tested this piece of B/S software enough on different platforms now to make me RUN BACK to W7.

    I really thought W8 had decent innovations in it to maker it a serious candidate for an OS UPGRADE - But my experience so far suggests that unless you are a casual surfer or gamer --STICK WITH W7.


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    Hello Jimbo,

    What's the full exact error message it's giving you?
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    There is one fairly sizable update (KB2770917) that kept failing when I tried to run the latest aggregate update pack. When running it from Windows Update the error message was not being specific enough to pin down which of the updates was failing. It turned out to be the one I just mentioned.

    I tried it 2 or 3 times but it kept failing at the 15% point when it was trying to update. I manually downloaded the update and tried to apply it with the same result. I then saw a post indicating that stopping a particular service I was running was the cause. In my case the service was the "Nalpeiron Licensing Service". Shutting it down before manually installing the update allowed it to complete. I don't know what about that particular service was blocking it, perhaps it was keeping a file open that needed to be updated.

    The MSDN references I found showed several potential problems. Shutting down that service happened to work for me. If your system isn't running that service but you're still having the problem you might want to Google for "KB2770917 Failure" or something similar to that and you may find those MSDN posts relating to it. Once I finally got that thing installed my system seemed to run much more stable than it was.

    Yeah ... I know. I've been tempted on-and-off to return to W7 myself with the handful of glitches I've run into over the last couple weeks but the thing finally seems to be settling down. I got a copy of "Start 8" and found a way to reload my desktop gadgets so my system is now really the way I want it. I don't even have to see Metro unless I really want to but I've got the other improvements.


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W8 -- What's up with Update process -- always FAILS
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