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Failure configuring updates - windows 8 (not pro)

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    If other service are involved, I guess the next update will require going through the same process. I am glad I found this thread. The Microsoft solution is to disable six services at a time and go through the list turning off services and then turning them back on until the offending service is identified. That would have taken a bit of time. Looks like MS is all over this. NOT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CalBear View Post
    The reason I know it was related to Nitro PDF is that the program would not run with Nalperion unchecked. I double checked that by turning Nalperion back on (before trying any upgrades) and Nitro PDF ran okay.

    So my conclusion is that if you uninstall Nitro PDF it won't turn off Nalperion. It may well be that other installed programs also require Nalperion or maybe uninstalling Nitro "forgets" to turn off Nalperion. In any case, as they say "All's well that ends well".
    I don't now and never have had/used Nitro PDF so there are definitely other programs out there that use/rely on this service.
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    Help me same issue

    I do not have the Nalperion program on my computer but I am still having the configuring update issue were it stops at 14%. It tries to update 4 times before it reverts back . this happens every time I restart the computer. I have also had this happen at random times while in the middle of working on something the computer will just shut down and try and update the windows configure and takes over an hour to do so but cannot. I have only had the computer for 2 weeks I just bought it. I am at a lose I have tried manually installing and updating the computer but run into the same problem because it has to be restarted for the updates to take affect someone please help me. I dont know what to do .
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    Nalperion is a service that is running on your comp. It allows 3rd party servers to access your computer when you are running some non-Microsoft developed programs. To turn it off see JerryB's post above. In the search box, type MSCONFIG and this will bring up the MSCONFIG app which you can launch. When you launch, a screen will come up with tabs across the top. Click on the Services tab and this will open a screen which shows you what services are running. There are probably dozens. Scroll down and look for the Nalperion service. It may be listed as NLS Nalperion or something like it. If the box is checked, it means the service is running. Uncheck the box and restart your comp. When back up, try installing the updates one at a time. It is a slow process, but I don't know of a way around it. If the installs are successful, you will probably need to restart the Nalperion service because I don't know what programs you may be running that will be impacted. If this service is not the one causing the problem, then it may be one of the other services that is running. The Microsoft solution is to disable six of the services at a time and then try the update install. If that doesn't work, enable the ones you disabled and disable the next six. Continue until you identify which service or services are causing the problem. This will probably take some time and it will be hard to identify which specific service or services are impacted. Doesn't seem to be a very elegant solution, but it may the best MS can do. Hope this helps and good luck.
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    I have figured out the problem! I was having this problem for a couple of months and it was making me angry. These are the instructions.

    1) press flag (next to the Alt button) + R
    2) type in "slui.exe 4"
    3) Pick your country, press next
    4) Call the number, give them that horribly long key code over the phone.
    5) They will give you another horribly long key code, enter it in exactly and press next.
    6) It activates your Windows 8 and it should work now! It worked for me!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JerryB View Post
    From what I've read and based on my experience, this failure is caused by third-party service that is installed on your computer as a use control/licensing measure by one or more non-Microsoft products.

    Run msconfig, go to the services tab and see if you have "Nalpeiron Licensing Service" running. If so, uncheck the box to start this service on start up, reboot your computer, and install the upgrade. Once this is done, you can go back into msconfig and check the box to resume starting this service on startup. At least this is what worked for me. I'd love to permanently disable the service but I don't know what third-party product installed or is using this service.
    worked a treat for me. Thanks alot JerryB
    All updates installed including the 2 naughty ones
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    I have that same issue but I have no clue how to do what you are describing above can you please give me directions ?
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    Mine won't go past the boot up and it gets stuck on 15%
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Failure configuring updates - windows 8 (not pro)
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