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    I too have a 3wk old Win8 box and am running into problem after problem, all to do with updates. Initially, I had activated the trial Norton that came pre-loaded. That seemed to be the culprit at first. Just killed Windows Update and one or two other things. Managed to get rid of it and bring Windows Update & Defender back to life. All seemed good for a couple of days. Now I am having issues with other updates (iTunes & more importantly, the latest release from MicroSoft). The iTunes issue generates an error for C:\\system32\dssenhl.dll and the MS update generates 800F081F. I've spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to fix it. Can't seem to find answers anywhere!

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    Whenever I get a new machine the first thing I do, if installed, is delete Norton, its too heavy on resources. BUT you must also delete any folder called Symantec. Believe it or not Norton have a spy bug in there!!!
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    Update...After 3 weeks of failures update KB2771431 made a slight difference. Instead of failing during the download stage it allowed the 'dodgy' KBs to d/l and install. However when the machine rebooted there failed at 15% and Windows reverted back.
    Midweek it downloaded and installed 10+ files and installed without issue.
    Trying to install the dodgy ones again failed at 15% but I then tried them one at a time and they all went through.

    There is light at the end of the tunnel
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    I am now in updates, there are 21 important updates and 1 optional. For some reason my auto update has switched itself off, I always had it on auto. Probably one of the updates has done it??
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    Just downloaded and installed 17 updates, the usual 4 refuse to install - still.
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    I had 4 that wouldn't install and I tried for days to install them so I gave in and refreshed my os. Once I did that I installed windows media center right away, (that too would not install before either), and then it installed 48 updates. It took 3 rounds of updating that many but everything is good to go. I even installed KIES without a problem. Sometimes everything just works!!!!!!!! YIPPEE
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    Thank you SO much. You are the 2nd person who has mentioned just sucking it up and dealing with the "refresh" issue, so I finally did it. Yes, it was a hassle. Yes, it took over 50 updates. But most importantly (fingers & toes crossed) it DOES seem to have resolved the issue.

    I hope this can solve the problem for others!!
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    OK going back to this re instalation business. Can I re install Win 8 without losing ANYTHING? As it is pretty advanced now in set up.
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    Hi guys,

    So I posted above that the "refresh" had brought my box back. It did. For 22 glorious hours everything worked. Then I did 14 more windows updates yesterday, and attempted 3 HP updates (I have a new HP box). All 3 HP failed (I know one was a BIOS update). However, they had come back as "installed" before I realized the failure and I had gone ahead and done the 14 win updates. Somewhere in there, I lost all ability to add programs/install drivers, control panel now crashes from devices & printers, programs & features, etc, I can no longer get the HP support app to run, and I've lost my printer. Web browsers have been crashing left and right to boot. When I tried to manually install stuff from HP's site, it didn't work either.

    Of the 14 updates yesterday, 13 were all Office specific. The only system one was KB2770816. I did find something at HP describing a similar problem and said to install different KB (I'm trying to find the ref again - that page crashed on me too) to fix it - but that KB had successfully installed on my machine already.

    I'm losing my mind here (with everyone else dealing with this, I know
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Updates Failures
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