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    I've received 2 updates in the last two days for Defender. I have set updates to "notify me and I will install". However, I didn't receive notification for either update. Any ideas?

    Windows Defender updates automatically without notification. The icon is no longer in the notification area on the taskbar (white triangle, next to the white flag).

    Windows Updates also is no longer in the notification area. If you set updates to either "download and let me install, or just "check for updates and I will download and install", a tiny notification will appear on the Log-on screen in the bottom right-hand corner (clickable).

    Since I by-passed the password on the log-on screen as unnecessary, I don't get the log-on screen on boot-up. Thus, no notifications for Windows updates.
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    The logon screen still appears even if you have disabled its password protection, but I feel your pain because I know it's possible to create a small textfile named Show Desktop.scf containing the following code:
    and then drag it to your Windows Startup folder. Next, if you lock your desktop and click your mouse, you'll get a swift glimpse of the logon screen.
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Windows Updates
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