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Renewng a valid activated license.

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    Win7-8 Dual Boot on a Commodore 64

    Renewng a valid activated license.

    I have a single Home Computer with a valid activated license.
    This Win 8 Enterprise license expires on 12/9/2012.

    So I call Microsoft on 12/8/2012, and ask to renew the license.

    There response is....???????????????????

    Any ideas out there?


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    Hello Windunce,

    This is for a 90-day trial version of Windows 8 Enterprise that has a product key built in. That's why it has an experation date.

    If you wish to continue to use Windows 8 Enterprise after the evaluation period, you will be required to purchase and perform a clean installation of Windows 8, including drivers and applications. Please keep this in mind as Windows 8 Enterprise is not available through retail channels until October 26, 2012 .

    Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation FAQ

    The Microsoft link below will have more information about how to purchase a volume license for Windows 8 Enterprise when it's available for sale.

    Windows Enterprise | Enterprise Software | Windows-8

    You would most likely want to purchase a retail Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro instead since Enterprise is geared more towards corporations.

    Hope this helps,
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    Windows 8

    But "Windows 8 Enterprise" can be downgraded to "Windows 8 Pro" and then activated with a Pro key. So no new installation is necessary and all installed programs will remain.

    You only need to change registry:
    [HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion]
    "ProductName"="Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation"
    [HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion]
    "ProductName"="Windows 8 Pro"
    And do not start the "setup.exe" from root path of DVD. Use instead "setup.exe" from /sources path of DVD.
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    Win7-8 Dual Boot on a Commodore 64

    Hey there Brink and NiFu, thanks for the replies.

    After reading Brink's reply it seemed like Enterprise wasn't the
    best option.

    Upon reading NiFu's reply, the fact that no reinstallation was needed
    swayed me towards the downgrade.

    If in fact, all that is needed is the Registry tweak to 'continue?' my valid activated license.

    Of course I'd have to initiate that downgrade before the Evaluation license expires.

    But the bottom line will be my bottom line.

    Win8 Pro Downgrade $39.99 !

    I'll let you know what MS says on the 26th :)

    Again, thanks for the info.
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    Windows 8

    Quote Originally Posted by Windunce View Post
    If in fact, all that is needed is the Registry tweak to 'continue?' my valid activated license.
    You need to:
    • Change registry
    • Insert Windows 8 Pro DVD and start "setup.exe" from "/sources" path of DVD
    • Choose "Upgrade" installation

    The automatic upgrade processes do this:
    • Moves the entire Enterprise installation in the folder "Windows.old"
    • Installs a new, clean "Windows 8 Pro"
    • Moves programs and documents from "windows.old" back to "Windows 8 Pro"

    Quote Originally Posted by Windunce View Post
    Of course I'd have to initiate that downgrade before the Evaluation license expires.
    After the Evaluation license expires, you can continue using it. Restrictions:
    • Watermark appears on right bottom of Desktop
    • Windows will shut down every two hours.
    • You are not able to change these individual settings: User account picture, color scheme of Metro start menu and lock screen and they are reset to default.

    Quote Originally Posted by Windunce View Post
    Win8 Pro Downgrade $39.99 !
    Keep in mind: You only allowed to use this Upgrade if you have a XP, Vista or Windows 7 license.
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    Win7-8 Dual Boot on a Commodore 64

    In place downgrade.

    Thanks for the heads up Nifu.

    Ok, here's the deal.

    Just got off with phone with MS and I am 'out' $30.00

    Bad news; I had to buy the "Pro Pack" [+$30.00] in order to save all settings
    of my Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation installation to a Windows 8 Pro downgrade
    As you pointed out in your second reply, this is not applicable with the $39.99 version.

    Good news; "They stated that "Pro Pack" is the "Full Version/System Builder" editon.
    The license may be transferred to a new computer if and when the licensee purchases one.
    In my opinion, that's worth the extra $30.00

    Here is the SKU site
    Microsoft Store Online.

    Here is Microsoft's "Up & Running" phone number.
    This support team resolves any validation, activation, installation problems.

    1-877-696-7786 Option #3

    30 Day money back guarantee
    90 days of free phone support from Microsoft for any OS issues.


    pps...ProPack includes Policy Editor/Bit Locker/Windows Media Center for those who use/need any of those 'Apps'
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    64-bit Windows 10

    Great news Windunce. Thank you for posting back with your results.
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    Win7-8 Dual Boot on a Commodore 64

    The Waiting

    Your most welcome, and thank you for this most lucid site.

    Now to paraphrase Lennon & McCartney....

    Eight days a weeks..I loathe you!
    Eight days a week, is way to long to wait for warez!

    tick tick tick :)

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    Windows 7

    The best method to use same os without touching any file is back the date of system to 2 to 3 months.
    It will work fine. The calendar date of Windows 8. I had did that when windows 8 preview came.
    It surely works.
    So enjoy same OS..
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    Win7-8 Dual Boot on a Commodore 64

    Happy Days Are Here Again!

    Quote Originally Posted by NiFu View Post
    Keep in mind: You only allowed to use this Upgrade if you have a XP, Vista or Windows 7 license.
    Guten Tag mein Herr:Deutschland uber alles!

    It worked like a "Charm" just as you had said it would.

    Well that is with two caveats.

    I eventually chose to purchase the $39.99 Windows Pro Ugrade, that would 'supposedly'
    only upgrade an XP/Vista/Win7 box. Buy Windows - Microsoft Windows

    Went there and clicked on the link, entered my credit card info and after the download
    completed, I chose "Burn DVD/Install later".

    Cripes, I got 2 XP licenses, 3 Vista licenses, and 2 Windows 7 licenses.
    Heck, I'm a idiot/windunce. When I buy a box from BestBuy the first thing I do is call MS and order
    their OS and delete all partitions and do a clean install. Yea, two valid licenses for ONE machine,
    but like I said I'm a windunce, but at least I know that all the crapware is gone :)

    WHY wouldn't/couldn't they advertise what you just showed me?

    "Run Evaluation, set it up just the way you want, "LEARN/DOWNLOAD/BURN" then downgrade!"
    What WERE they thinking?????

    Anyways, I used ImageBurn to burn one copy and then Windows DVD program to burn another.

    Booted into Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation, browsed to /Sources/setup.exe and chose "Run as Administrator"
    Walked away for an hour to rake and bag some leaves and upon my return all was completed.
    I had logged in with a Local Account with no password and BAM that 'User' was open and ready for business.

    My Quick Launch icons where willy-nilly all over the place, but I arranged them in their proper order,
    logged off and on and all was well.

    The only hoo... was that the Hash/Hack to play Windows 7 card games was gone.
    Other than that everything else was just as i had left it.

    All legacy apps/metro apps/Mail accounts and all tweaks intact!!!

    Good Stuff! THANKS

    A big PS...
    Hats off to Brink and all contributors for the guidance through Dev/Consumers/Release previews!
    Happy days are here again!

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    Click image for larger version
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Renewng a valid activated license.
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