Windows 8 will by no means be limited to just client and server flavors. At least not according to recent information offered by Microsoft.

In fact, the Redmond company indicates that there will be at least one Windows 8 release to go along with Windows 8 Client and Windows 8 Server, which are currently being developed in parallel.

In a job listing for Software Development Engineer in Test-Windows Embedded, the software giant notes that Windows 8 Embedded is cooking as the next version of Windows Embedded.

Obviously, with Microsoft keeping mum on Windows 8 and Windows 8 Server, the company is also saying nothing about the next major iteration of Windows Embedded.

Beyond confirming that the successor of Windows Embedded Standard 7 will be based on the Windows 8 client, the software giant offers no information on the evolution of Windows Embedded.

The Windows Embedded team “offers an opportunity to development significant knowledge about many features in Windows, gain significant customer exposure through a combination of blogs, DLs, and customer events, develop an early view on future expansion to other areas including thin clients, POS, multi-function printers, and Win 8 Embedded and last but not the least, an opportunity to work with a product and organization that is very successful in the financial and business sense,” reads an excerpt from the job listing. (via ActiveWin)

After it skipped Windows Vista altogether, Microsoft used Windows 7 as the core for the latest iteration of Windows Embedded.
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