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Windows 8 tablets coming: Tablets for those already not buying tablets

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    Windows 8 tablets coming: Tablets for those already not buying tablets

    Windows 8 is poised to hit store shelves later this month and along with that some shiny new tablets running the latest from Redmond. Problem is, while Microsoft hopes to crack the giant tablet market Windows 8 tablets are really aimed at current Windows users, not tablet buyers.

    Read more at source:
    Windows 8 tablets are coming: Tablets for those already not buying tablets | ZDNet

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    I tend to agree, I don't think these tablets are going to have the market impact that many are hoping for. I don't see most Android or iPad tablet owners making the switch.
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    Excellent article. I agree with the author - it's not very clear what the target market is here. I'm not convinced that a Windows tablet is going to appeal to a lot of people. Maybe if the price is attractive it will gain some interest but I don't see thaat happening either.
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    Windows RT = Content consumption device just like an iPad with the ability to run a version of Office. Provides an alternative to the regular tablet space. Target audience is obviously those that consume information and there are plenty of these people given current iPad sales.

    Windows 8 Pro = Can be both a content consumption or content creation device, can be a replacement to a laptop. Target audience are business travelers, those that don't want to buy a laptop and a tablet, laptop users. There currently isn't a product that competes with it but I'm sure Apple is working on one, possibly a future Mac Air.

    I can understand the general user possibly getting confused but it's up to the OEMs and Microsoft to educate and market the product (Not Microsoft's strong point). As for the author being confused I don't buy it, usual tech media hype looking for more negatives to Windows 8.
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    So it's kind of like laptops for people that aren't looking for laptops?

    Or when people say that they're buying a new computer, they mean a laptop?
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    First off -> Is the picture a Surface tablet? I don't think so.

    If I am confused I can only imagine how confused regular consumers will be. Are Windows 8 tablets truly competing with existing tablets? If so what is the selling point that makes Windows 8 tablets a better choice? Or are Windows 8 tablets really aimed at existing Windows users running Office?

    That tells me that even those familiar with Windows 8 don't see it as competing with real tablets like the iPad or the Android models. Those are 'consumption' devices, not 'creation' devices and the obvious purpose of a Windows 8 tablet is to do both. Which requires a keyboard. And probably full Windows, not the RT version.
    I swear this guy's on crack. Confused I bet, for he probably has every iMe product there is. (real tablets??!!)

    Hey! How about offering a keyboard for the RT version just in case people want to use it instead of the screen keyboard? Novel idea? I mean, one does have to type some things like URLs, notes, etc.

    And how about creating a Pro device that does more than an iPad and perhaps a little less than a PC? Maybe use it to type a doc while i'm at 4bucks having a java break or on a plane crossing the big pond? Another novel idea?

    Maybe we can steal some iPad and Android users away?....Nah! Not iMe fans...too fanatical. Android users, though. I like what this post-article poster has to say:

    Target market: Windows Users + Android Tablet owners

    Windows 8 hybrid devices are perfect for those frustrated by lackluster Android offerings (nexus 7 excluded....but not really). Take a look at the Transformer Prime, which was setup to make it seem more like a usable PC, in addition to being an iPad-like device. The problem is that the platform was not made with desktop operation in mind; and everything feels a bit tacked-on.

    Tablet apps on Android aren't so numerous that Win RT/8 can't be an alternative. I know my android tablet is hovering on the edge of the trashcan, waiting for the Surface RT to push it in.
    Also, I was wondering why my pointer was turning into a hand on the side of the column. Now I know why! LOL!
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Windows 8 tablets coming: Tablets for those already not buying tablets
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