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The Great Upgrade Upheaval

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    The Great Upgrade Upheaval

    The final rollout of Windows 8 is now beginning and it will be loaded on all the new machines. I can assure you, though, that just as with the transition from XP to Vista, nobody will want to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8. What's the point? Windows 7 works fine and Windows 8 is odd.
    Talk about negative, lol.


    A Guy

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    Take it from the source. I used to read him and he's never positive, IMO.

    I already know trying to upgrade from XP/Vista/7 to Windows 8 will be a headache. Nothing will work correctly. You'll have to track down updates and with old software from forgotten vendors, you may never get to upgrade your applications.
    Also, upgrading to newer operating systems too often requires so many reinstalls of your favorite packages that it is not worth the aggravation.
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    I have a good upgrade offer, stay on Windows 7 for 10 years and be one of those "weird" people.

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    So, nobody ever wants to upgrade and Windows 8 will be no exception.
    I agree with JD. You should stay with Windows 7 or better yet, stay with XP released in 2001.

    one of the best things about the Microsoft DOS when compared with the Macintosh was that there was simply a logic to everything
    Every coder knows "ini" files are much better than the registry. Why not simply eliminate the GUI and go back to DOS. It certainly is more logical. There's no need for a registry, after all. Who needs it?

    None of this would be so problematic if Microsoft abandoned the registry and put individual programs into easy-to-move folders.
    The System Registry

    Windows Registry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    JD needs a tutorial on why the registry exists.

    I still have two XP machines around the house and I am totally reluctant to upgrade to anything new.
    This is definitely better

    Click image for larger version

    than this

    Click image for larger version
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    Sounds like he is just too lazy to upgrade, so if he can convince others not to upgrade he won't feel so lazy
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    As I see it you've got the following choices:

    Will you upgrade to the Titanic (W8), and rearrange the deck chairs (Start Menu tiles)

    ... or stay in the life boat (W7)!
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    The Registry's main function is DRM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    I have a good upgrade offer, stay on Windows 7 for 10 years and be one of those "weird" people.

    Hi there
    still using Windows 2003 server every day (essentially an "XP" like system but a zillion times more robust).

    I haven't found anything that doesn't work on it that I need to get working.

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    Right now I am running windows 8 consumer preview, had to see what it is. I think it is decent except for the goofy start screen, but if Microsoft doesn't provide me a decent deal to buy windows 8 I will be looking for a windows 7 pro disk or go back to xp. If microsoft offers me a decent deal like apple does I will stay with windows 8
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    Hmmm. Stay with what works (7) or something that most likely won't (8). I have no clue
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The Great Upgrade Upheaval
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