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Windows 8 launch: Time to nail those Windows Store myths

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    Windows 8 launch: Time to nail those Windows Store myths

    With less than a month to the launch of Windows 8, controversy still surrounds the Windows Store app market but it's based on a number of misconceptions.

    Windows 8's new Windows Store is courting more than a little controversy, with gaming-industry figures from Minecraft's Notch to Valve's Gabe Newell expressing distrust and disquiet about Microsoft's move to add a new software distribution channel to its latest OS.

    Listening to them, it sounds as though Microsoft is turning the PC into another iPad or Xbox, with a closed software distribution model that puts an end to the PC as a general-purpose computing device.

    It's certainly a scary idea for any of us who've grown up with machines we've been able to program and customise. Are those PCs suddenly going to turn into appliances, where the software you use is dumbed down and curated by a malevolent entity set on extracting the last pennies from our pockets? Or has the rumour mill gone into overdrive again?

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    Windows 8 launch: Time to nail those Windows Store myths | ZDNet

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    It IS a potential first step though. How can one actually KNOW for a fact what MS has plans for or that they may not even change their currently benevolent minds next year?

    The time to voice displeasure at them even entertaining the thought is NOW. MS needs to be made aware that they should not even think of closing up windows or suffer irrelevancy as a result.
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Windows 8 launch: Time to nail those Windows Store myths
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