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Windows 8 Bugs Hurt Microsoft, Intel Chief Said to Say

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    Windows 8 Bugs Hurt Microsoft, Intel Chief Said to Say

    Intel Corp. (INTC) Chief Executive Officer Paul Otellini told employees in Taiwan that Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)’s Windows 8 operating system is being released before it’s fully ready, a person who attended the company event said.

    Improvements still need to be made to the software, Otellini told employees at a company meeting in Taipei yesterday, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the meeting was private.

    A Guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Guy View Post
    Windows 8 operating system is being released before it’s fully ready...
    ?? That means a lot of bugs in the OS?? How can one Purchase such an Operating System??
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    Typical FUD created by the media.

    UPDATE: Intel CEO Paul Otellini has denied Bloomberg’s report, his statement follows below.
    "Today Intel Corporation issued a statement in response to unsubstantiated news reports about comments made by Intel CEO Paul Otellini in a meeting with employees."
    Intel: Windows 8 will be half baked at launch [updated] - Yahoo! Finance Canada
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    I don't get it, what bugs? There are the showstopper bugs that prevent an OS from being launched like vista, but any bugs in any release get fixed via Windows Update and chances are, like with 7, the user doesn't even notice them.
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    Is a Windows operating system ever finished? If Microsoft actually waited till there were no bugs or almost no bugs, an OS would never be released. That being said it sounds like Intel are worried that there are more than the usual number of bugs still in the final release. One thing I've noticed is quit a few problems with apps. I've had them, and had to reinstall to fix it. If Windows 8 is all about apps and the apps don't work, thats not good. I'm actually posting this from Windows 7 because my Windows 8 install has become unstable and I don't feel like reinstalling yet again. I'm still on the RP though, I don't have access to Technet or MSDN so no RTM for me. Not one that I can run without restrictions anyway.
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    Acronis 2012 is incompatible with Enterprise. This is most disappointing.

    Is it because of Windows own backup image creator, or simply an upgrade Acronis need, or a patch W8 needs?
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    What's the fun of of a software developer when there are no more bugs to fix?

    No seriously Win8 is the most tested Win os. We had our hands on DP, CP and RP compared with only a beta in Win7.
    It's true that the interface needs some tweaking (text on dark window border issue) and a more appearance choices for users (turning transparency ON or OFF not just a provided mix in between). But as for the provided features, I think its a complete OS.
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    W8 buggy?

    No. Not so. For what it is. Certainly no more so than 7 was at this stage
    of development, and I beta-ed it and Vista.

    Just feels unfinished.....and a bit rough-ish round the edges. It DOES
    have that in common with Vista, but there the comparison stops.

    It's NOT Vista 2, or ME2.

    But I HATE looking at it.....Metro/Start screen aren't an issue. At all.

    The lack of Vista/Win 7 Aero transparency IS. Apparently, though, there's a
    fix, which I'll be trying soonest.

    But no, it seems to be pretty-well bitie-free at this stage (64-bit Enterprise RTM).

    EDIT: - Getting the OS to game properly was a challenge until I found the right
    driver pack for my GeForce GT555M. Neither MS nor Nvidia recommended the
    correct driver, and without it openGL games just wouldn't happen.

    Go the 'Yanks' say.
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    Maybe he thought metro was a bug.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    Maybe he thought metro was a bug.
    it's possible
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Windows 8 Bugs Hurt Microsoft, Intel Chief Said to Say
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