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Those who are talking about "Hybrids" obviously recognize the fact but trying to "Cludge" an underpowered (and ususally over priced device) to work like a laptop that you would actually be better off with --A LAPTOP. !!!
I wouldn't say that the "hybrid" is underpowered. For most hybrid tablet oriented tasks like web browsing, flash games, Metro app games, word processing, running old programs or video calling a modern ULV x86 CPU like the one Surface Pro will have (not Atom) will be more than enough to run all these programs simultaneously. I highly doubt that anyone would buy a hybrid for serious tasks like HD video rendering or resource demanding games. Hybrid tablet's productivity far outweighs any tablet with ARM processor. And with the upcoming release of Haswell and subsequent architectures plus more efficient GPU, we can soon have enough processing power to play demanding games from 2009 or later straight from the ultraslim hybrid tablet.