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Steve Ballmer Suggests Microsoft Has No Backup Plan if Windows 8 Fails

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    Steve Ballmer Suggests Microsoft Has No Backup Plan if Windows 8 Fails

    Only time and sales figures will ultimately determine if Windows 8 is a success or not, and in the meantime, all we can do on the consumer side is speculate. Microsoft, however, is in a position to do more. The Redmond software giant could, for example, come up with a Plan B in case Windows 8 and its radically redesigned interface doesn't catch on with consumers. Interestingly, it doesn't appear Microsoft is too worried about that scenario playing out.

    In an interview with The Seattle Times, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer sort of dodged the question of what Microsoft's plan will be if Windows 8 doesn't take off the way the company hopes.

    Read more at source:
    Maximum PC | Steve Ballmer Suggests Microsoft Has No Backup Plan if Windows 8 Fails

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    Yes, "Sorry the question you are trying to ask is not valid. Please try another question or contact your vendor". At Microsoft one cannot ask such a question. It was like asking Stalin "what if socialism fails?". Ballmer would send you to TRON style cyber-gulag for less than that. LOL.
    But ok, plan B is W7, isn't it? ....Or third party hacks? ....Start8? ....Hoo! Hoo! Ballmer! ...Start8!
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    They will make it up as they go along.

    It is called fluid management.
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    Windows 7 has support until 2019. and by then (hopefully) Windows 9 will be completed, which will correct all defects and deficiencies in the Windows 8!
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    Ballmer is a bad CEO but I think this is a little unfair. What are they supposed to do? Release Windows 9 in January 2013? They're stuck with it for a minimum of three years.
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    When I first used Win 8 I was sure that it was going to be failure, but now I think it will be liked by most everyone. I'm not 100% convinced of that but I do not think it will fail. One thing that MS should do is to put out a good tutorial on it. Maybe they already have but if so I haven't heard of it. The only good tutorials that I have read were from this forum. MS should follow suit.
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    A tutorial showing you how to use something doesn't necessarily make that something magically good. Perhaps it's not going to be liked, even if it's known how to accomplish it.
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    In other news, the publisher of the "Windows 8 for Dummies" series is expecting record sales.
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    There's never an absolute in life, but I think 8 will be a smash hit. It finishes the "trifecta" on devices. They just mimicked what iMe & Co already pulled off. When Windows phone 8 is released it will hammer the nail home.
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    Having a backup plan can make you complacent too (well, if this fails, I always have <plan b> to fall back on). It makes you put 100% into the success of something - the only thing you must be sure of is that your ideas are sound and that you feel like you have a viable chance for success with <plan a>, and then sometimes you have to take a risk. Not everyone will like Windows 8 (just like not everyone likes any one thing), but it will be successful because it is good at what it does. It may not be what *you* want it to do, but it does merge the Windows OS line with touch very well, and it does allow for different form factors, different hardware architectures, but similar application stacks to happen on a platform used by the vast majority of the world's computing population. Only time will truly judge Windows 8 and the variants that it runs, and we will all see whether it is kind or not.
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Steve Ballmer Suggests Microsoft Has No Backup Plan if Windows 8 Fails
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