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Swedish site slaps $1,000 price tag on Microsoft's Surface: DOA?

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    Surface pricing - can MS pull off a premium product?

    You probably saw that story a while back.

    The author's guess at what the eventual pricing may be seems like a good stab.

    I am curious if many people think Surfi will sell in decent numbers at $600 or $1000.

    Oem's will be slotting in wherever they can - below that mainly, I would think.

    Apart from Cokie - anyone else reckon Surfi will be able to succeed as premium branded products - like Apple stuff?

    Examining the market, I would peg the ARM version to be in or around the $600 price bracket, while the Intel-based version needs to be in the ballpark of $1,000 -- give or take a few bucks.
    Swedish site slaps $1,000 price tag on Microsoft's Surface: DOA? | ZDNet

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    It depends. An iPad with 4G and 64GB is $900, so that's not really that far out of the ballpark if it includes similar specs.
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    That link is from July and the prices are bogus. Just a place holder on their site. Here is quote from the vendor.

    "Just to clarify, we have not received any pricing from Microsoft regarding MRSP or purchasing net cost, and any people who have booked the Surface at this high price will of course have their order adjusted before any product is shipped."
    Another quote from original article at Techie Buzz

    I understand that Microsoft does some pretty unusual things, but they’re not batshit crazy.

    No price from MS yet, but I think they will be very competitive.

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    This rumor was dispelled a month or so ago. The real expectation is Surface RT at about 4-500, Surface Pro 7-800 dollars.
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    The Swedish pricing rumour was never taken seriously.

    However, Adrian's guess that the real price maybe $600 and $1000 is what this thread is about. That is why it is in bold.

    It may be they are trying to position it as a premium range.
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    I can see the Surface tablets hitting those price ranges and being marketed as premium W8 tablets. It also makes sense so that other OEMs can come in with theirs at lower price points and remain competitive. Looking at some of the early offerings from OEMs they seem like nice tablets but don't look to be the quality of the Surface.
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    I think MS will keep the prices just above the OEMs, so as to keep them in the game. One has to remember that MS will make more percentage profit on the hardware since they load their own OS for pennies, whereas OEMs have to buy the lisences. Once it's introduced and if it does well, then prices will increase. The old supply and demand principle. They will introduce it at a reasonable and affordable price.
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Swedish site slaps $1,000 price tag on Microsoft's Surface: DOA?
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