Last month, we saw coverage about Internet Explorer posting a worldwide gain in usage share. That encouraging news continues today with Net Applications’ release of their July usage share numbers. Net Applications reports overall Internet Explorer share grew 0.42% worldwide in July, while Firefox lost 0.90% share and Chrome dipped 0.08% in share. Most interesting is the fact that Internet Explorer 8 continues to be the fastest growing browser with a 0.98% increase worldwide in July – and now represents more than 30% of browser usage worldwide. In the US, Internet Explorer 8 picked up share for the third month in a row.

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier blog post, usage share is simply one of several ways we measure our progress with Internet Explorer. Ultimately, we know customers have a choice when it comes to the browser they use, and that choice has a lot to do with the good work that developers and our partners do to build a better Web with Internet Explorer.

The protection of your security and privacy by Internet Explorer 8 continues to resonate with customers. Recently, we ran some television commercials featuring common online scams taken offline. This behind the scenes “making of” video shows just how those commercials came about.  Enjoy!


While the continued IE8 momentum is encouraging, developers and browser enthusiasts are equally as excited by the future of Internet Explorer. There is great buzz around the Internet Explorer 9 Platform Previews – with 2 million downloads of the Preview and over 16 million page views to the IE Test Drive site.

We’re looking forward to more great things for Internet Explorer.

Ryan Gavin

Senior Director, Internet Explorer Business and Marketing