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Windows Server 2012 goes live

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    I've never been on board with attempting to use a server OS as a desktop. You can often make it look pretty, but undoubtedly you run into garbage like "imaging application doesn't work with this version of Windows, please buy or server product", etc.

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    If everything I need to do with a server can be done from one place, so much the better. I'm not ready to say that's possible with WS2012 but I will say that I'm interested in what I can do (or maybe can't do) with Server Manager.

    I'm ready to name one thing I could not do easily: change my workgroup server's network connection from "Public" (by virtue of its NAT 192.168.x.x address, I assume) to "Private." I was able to do it but to avoid spoiling someone else's fun I won't say how I did it. I'll only say that I did not have to change the IP address or join a domain to do it.

    As time allows I will probably do a lot more with the server OS than with the client OS because I'm used to dealing with servers all the time. I'm very much interested to see firsthand what has changed and what's new. At the same time I will be surprised if everything I want to do can be done from Server Manager.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    I've never been on board with attempting to use a server OS as a desktop. You can often make it look pretty, but undoubtedly you run into garbage like "imaging application doesn't work with this version of Windows, please buy or server product", etc.
    Hi there
    The only application I had a problem with in using W2003 as a desktop OS was with Acronis -- however the Stand alone bootable media backed and restored it just fine. Even Ms office and Adobe CS5 ran just fine on the server (as an OS workstation).

    I like W2012 Server too on a desktop - Office etc runs OK too -- but a desktop needs a working browser - and on W2012 server IMO IE 10 isn't yet fit for purpose -- such as it says flash installed so you can't install the update - but won't play any video from a flash website. IE10 in W8 works fine however.

    Maybe Ms has decided - why have a browser anyway on a "Server". OK I'll buy into that one as a valid point - but since W8 and W2012 share the same IE 10 code - I'll have to hope that IE 10 in W8 final when it's released hasn't regressed backwards to IE10 in W2012 server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    It's a bit disheartening that a seasoned Windows systems admin has to spend nearly 15 minutes trying to figure out HOW to add a My Computer icon to the server desktop, so that I can quickly right-click and check Properties and see if my server is activated, what it's hostname is, what CPU I have installed, how much RAM is there, and whether it's in a workgroup or a domain.
    Are you sure there isn't a link under Tools on the Dashboard that will take you right there, possibly called "System"? I'm not able to test now as I'm off for a week.
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    ^ Yes, there are multiple ways, and different ways to get to the information.

    From within Dashboard, if you click on Local Server, you can see this information under "properties". And you can easily change the settings by clicking on the links.

    I've also found that you can open Explorer, and then click on Computer, and then use the Ribbon bar "Properties" to get that same information.

    So, yes I am able to find the information in other areas. And I've figured out how to add my icon so that I can do it the way that I have become accustomed to.
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Windows Server 2012 goes live
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