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Microsoft says forget windows 8 and 9 they're going to the cloud

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    There is a time and place for this type of application -- but people don't want or see the need to be "Tethered" to a remote source whenever they need to do anything on a computer.

    Online meetings / intra company presentations etc are all fine but a lot of time people are working away on reports / spreadsheets / presentations etc without any need for the Cloud whatsoever.
    That statement suggests that you are a "free-thinking anarchist".
    Our corporate masters always know what is best for us.

    "A fool and his money are soon parted."
    The same thing applies to data.

    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    If you have any stock in MSFT and that's the future they are planning for themselves then GET RID OF IT NOW.
    The trouble is, there are enough gullible people for it to make "gazillions of dollars" for MS (and others).

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    It seems that we don't have a choice but to use this so called cloud.

    If you are using your Windows Live account then you are also using the cloud,...whether you like it or not .

    So far I have to say I like how "the cloud" remembered many of my personal settings, including all of my IE 10 favorites, after I installed Windows 8 to my SSD, a very useful feature of the cloud IMO.
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    If they insist on using cloud, I may have to stop using windows.
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    Maybe in America or other advanced countries there are fast and broad lines for cheap prices, but this sounds like science fiction to me when I still have to despair to get decent data connection and navigation from my smartphone when I am out of home, and I have the best phone and an expensive data service, but it is still ridiculously slow and I live in western Europe.

    Do these companies believe that the infrastructures are ready for the cloud? And thye believe that people will trust the lines and the privacy? And what about big size files, those which are from some hundred MB to many GB? Some movies in 1080p are up to 20GB. Are you suppoused to store it in the cloud?

    I am sure that the cloud and synchronicity are a good idea but still just a complement to the local storage and I can't see how this technology can develop to substitute the traditional one before 10 years at least.

    Like Chromebooks... what a wrong idea yet. I wonder how many units has Google sold.
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Microsoft says forget windows 8 and 9 they're going to the cloud
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