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Windows 8: It's goodbye netbooks, hello tablets

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    Windows 8: It's goodbye netbooks, hello tablets

    Actually, it's not just because of Windows 8. It's just that it turns out we don't need netbooks anymore.

    Since the rollout of the release code for Windows 8 on MSDN and Technet last week, we've been updating all our test machines with various versions of the latest Windows.

    It's gone on desktop PCs with multiple monitors, on various laptops, on hybrid touch and pen tablet PCs, and on a selection of slate form-factor PCs.

    One set of devices it's not been anywhere near is the netbooks that have been sitting around the office for the past couple of years. After all, they were at the heart of much of our Windows 7 testing, and Microsoft had done a lot of work in making it run well on low-power and small form-factor devices.

    Read more at:
    Windows 8: It's goodbye netbooks, hello tablets | ZDNet

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    That's right.

    Tablets will replace netbooks.

    They serve the same sort of function.

    That is not the same as replacing as desktops /decent laptops/powerful ultrabooks
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    Maybe so for the Win8 world, but I'm quite happy with my little netbook and as long as it runs and runs well I aim to keep it around. I don't expect it to run heavy-duty apps, perform like a desktop, or do ten things at once. It's great for checking e-mail, poking around on the web, editing simple documents, or when I want something lightweight and easy to tote around with me.

    I was a tad disappointed to find out it wouldn't run Windows 8 (at least no Metro apps) short of the screen resolution hack. I went back to Windows 7 and it's perfectly happy with that.

    I sincerely doubt most tablets - at least early on - will be capable of extensive multi-tasking, high-end graphics and processing, or any of the other "shortcomings" cited in the article in reference to netbooks.

    Let's not be too hasty to sound the death kneel for netbooks.
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    at netbooks, never thought they served any purpose
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    I remember when these ultra micro PC's from companies like OQO came out;
    OQO Model 03 Shows Up, Featuring Windows 7 and a High Price Tag [Updated] - SlashGear

    We had some executives at our office who "thought" they could get one of these, and more or less dock it while at work and have the best thing since sliced bread. We knew it would be a disaster, but we had the money in the budget and bought them anyway. I think the longest executive tolerated it about 8 days before it was declared a complete and utter failure. But boy, as an IT guy, was it ever funny.
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    I would not/could not use a netbook at work. My desktop has three 24" monitors and I typically have a bunch of apps all open at once: e-mail, IM, spreadsheets/word docs, SharePoint sites, other apps ... sometimes I have to go "hunting" to find that thing I opened an hour ago.

    Tablets will probably eventually replace netbooks, but I think we all know that they're not going to be any more functional than netbooks for the foreseeable future. The only problem is that if you want a full-fledged tablet that will run PC apps just like a netbook/notebook/ultrabook/desktop it's going to come at a price. Maybe it's worth the money for some folks - as long as I can do what I need to do with my netbook, and I know its limitations, I'm fine with that.
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    Actually, with some netbooks, you can enable a hidden screen resolution to gain some extra screen estate on the Desktop and run metro apps.
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    Underpowered tablet? I think not. :P
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    We know - she says that in her article

    While there are screen-scaling hacks that can get around the restriction, it's still a less than perfect user experience.
    And so did Terry
    it wouldn't run Windows 8 (at least no Metro apps) short of the screen resolution hack.
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    I'm sure somebody will correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that screen resolution hack just let you run an unsupported wide screen resolution on a normal 4:3 ratio screen? If so I would think the displayed image wouldn't look right and be out of proportion.
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Windows 8: It's goodbye netbooks, hello tablets
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