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No Grace Period for Windows 8. Does an immediate activation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barman58 View Post
    Sounds like an understandable change, yes there are reasons for not activating a licence in some test scenarios for IT Pros, and these will have to be worked around, (Pros should have access to technet, MSDN, or volume licences so this does not become a real issue).

    Lets be honest, the vast majority of not activated evaluation phase copies of windows 7 were not in the hands of those with possible legitimate reasons for not activating, but in the hands of those avoiding paying for the software. The grace period is a casualty of the people who believe it is OK to run their OS without paying for it
    My point exactly. lol, I can remember a thread on another forum asking how often do you reinstall and one person posted "every 90 days nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more.

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    That's not very practical - reinstall every 90 days?

    Set everything up again , get your updates, reinstall your programs - I have better things to do with my life.

    I don't think many people were doing that.

    I do know one guy - a gamer- who reinstalls every month - he reckons it just keeps the o/s fast.
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    ^ Some people are. Guess it's a better option that using a cracked version with activation deactivated that might not be trustworthy.
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    Yeah, that was another cheat, remove WAT or something like that. I do believe if you did that you couldn't use Windows update so you'd be unpatched etc. Running in trial mode Windows would update, you just had the time bomb hanging over your head.
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    If I recall correctly, too, some follks thought they could "trick" the time bomb in Windows 7 by setting their BIOS date ahead by several years, installing th OS, and then setting the date back. So, for example, if I set the date to 2022, install the non-activated OS, then immediately set the date back to 2012, would I then have 10 years + 30 days to activate it?

    I don't remember whether that little trick worked - and in the case of Win8 Pro it looks like that won't work anyway - but it was an idea some folks had.

    If I install the 90-day trial version in what appars to be 2022, set the date back to 2012, will it still run for 10 years + 90 days?
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    10 years, on a Windows OS, without having to reinstall, for any reason.
    On amore serious note, I'd be very surprised if that loop hole still exists, assuming if it was ever real to begin with.
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    The 30-90 day timer is not date related but a countdown timer that starts ticking during installation,
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    post removed

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    Someone is always going to try to find a way around legitimate activation. I'm sure by the time the official release hits the shelves in October we'll see a lot more of this sort of thing.

    I'm always wary of sites that offer things like that: you never know what you might be downloading along with or instead of what you think you're getting. I'm sure most people here know that already anyway.
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    If people like Windows 8, and want to use Windows 8, and it's available for $39.99....why not just simply buy it?
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No Grace Period for Windows 8. Does an immediate activation.
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