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Microsoft's Windows 8: Will it breathe new life into older PCs?

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    Microsoft's Windows 8: Will it breathe new life into older PCs?

    With Microsoft starting to roll out the final Windows 8 bits this week, users ponder whether it's worth installing them on older, non-touch hardware.

    With Microsoft making available the final released to manufacturing (RTM) Windows 8 bits to some customers starting on August 15, it's a good time to contemplate whether it's worth grabbing them.

    Yes, Windows 8 is a touch-centric operating system which will work best -- or, at least, most like the way its designers intended -- on touch-enabled tablets, PCs and monitors.

    But I've heard from several readers that they believe Windows 8 includes enough under-the-hood improvements in security, reliability and performance to convince them it's worth putting on older, non-touch enabled hardware, too. Even without (or despite) the new user interface and touch gesture support, the rest of the OS is a worthy upgrade, some claim. They like the less flashy features, like faster boot times and fewer required restarts after updating.

    Read more at:
    Microsoft's Windows 8: Will it breathe new life into older PCs? | ZDNet

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    I've installed 8 alongside with 7 and did less to configure 8, and everything ran at around 338 MB of RAM versus 487 and the machine only had a gig of RAM. I say yes.
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    I also say yes. I have Windows 8 installed on an old Dell Latitude D620, 2GB Ram and 1.4Ghz Proc and it runs incredibly well. Actually, this laptop struggled running Windows XP with any decent performance.
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    Funny, I tried to load Windows 8 64bit on my older computer and wasn't successful. The 32bit version of Windows 8 worked fine.

    Thread reference: Windows 8 RTM install problems
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    It certainly will. I installed it on a 7-8 year old Acer Travelmate ( 1.6Ghz Intel Celeron processor, 2GB ram ) which, like Robr's machine, was struggling under XP and it runs very well. Which it incidentally also does running either Zorin 5.2 or Linux Mint 13 so I guess yer pays yer money ( or not, in the case of Linux ) and takes yer choice.
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    Runs very well on my Old Dell Inspiron Laptop but wont run at all on my Sempron 3000 desktop.....(NX!)
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    Hi there
    the whole argument with Windows 8 is another issue but IMO the BEST way of breathing life into an older computer is to fit it with an SSD.

    I put one into a smallish netbook with a humble AMD V105 1.20 GHZ processor and this machine now even boots W8 quicker than a decent desktop fitted with "Classical Spinners".

    It's still amazing how many people who fail to realize that Disk I/O is STILL the biggest bottleneck by far on reasonable modern computers (always assuming you have more than the bare minimum of RAM).

    Nobody BUT NOBODY I know who has fitted an SSD (or even more) into their machines has EVER regretted it and they all wished they'd done it earlier.

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    Certainly agree with you there Jimbo, I have both another laptop and a desktop fitted with an SSD and they both run extremely fast regardless of the booted OS ( W7/W8/Linux multiboot ). Couldn't, as far as I know, go that way with the Acer laptop though as it has an IDE drive but, considering its' vintage, I was more than surprised that it ran so well with W8.
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    yeah, missed the boat on ssd drives, why I didn't go with one on my new computer (see my specs below) I built is beyond me.

    when windows 8 comes out I may just get a ssd drive and slap the new OS and be up to date, I like speed
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    The only "gotchas" with SSD drives (that I'm aware of, anyway) are the cost (which I am sure will eventually come down) and the idea of doing a total erasure of the disk. Traditional "disk wipe" programs don't do well for SSDs, so if you aim to get rid of one that has sensitive data, your best bet is total destruction.

    Aren't most SSDs SATA? What do folks do with older systems that do not have a SATA interface - purchase a SATA card or IDE (PATA)/SATA adapter? Does the adapter option really provide any significant performance improvement?

    I have an SSD in a Win7 laptop at work and the first thing I noticed about the laptop machine was the fast boot time.
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Microsoft's Windows 8: Will it breathe new life into older PCs?
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