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Offical release for MSDN and TechNet subscribers

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    Manchester CT
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    Tada! Installed from TechNet download. Pretty much done, except for games . Installed from USB. No big issues.
    Click image for larger version

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    Looks the same as the leak. Thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by chessdragon136 View Post
    Apologies for double post - thought someone had posted after me, would edit but I cant delete

    Hash Info - SHA 1(As I happen to be there):

    Windows 8 (x86) - DVD (English): 22D680EC53336BEE8A5B276A972CEBA104787F62
    Windows 8 (x86) - DVD (English-United Kingdom): 7EAD7DA86426F554C41849B750BF29C74B9B3D5D
    Windows 8 (x64) - DVD (English): 1CE53AD5F60419CF04A715CF3233F247E48BEEC4
    Windows 8 (x64) - DVD (English-United Kingdom): 79ED9958CF1690DD8A60A0B1B15F5DCC76C8E625
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    Earth - I wish I was on Risa
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    Got it today. Let you know about Windows 8 Enterprise. -WS
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    Earth - I wish I was on Risa
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    Windows 7 Enterprise (x64), Windows 8 Enterprise (x64), Windows Server 2012

    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    Also an ENTERPRISE version of the software in any case is going to be used on widely different machines so limiting it to 1 makes NO sense whatsoever.

    Many companies standardize on a limited number of desktops. Also, the majority of OS testing is to ensure that the software works with internal company software and processes. These don't typically change or aren't impacted in any way whether it's an HP, Dell or Model 1 or Model 2.

    Most business enterprises do not have Technet subscripts to test with anyway. We either use our Volume License software or our MSDN copies. And during all testing, they simply aren't activated.

    My company doesn't own a single subscription to Technet. But we have over 30 copies of MSDN with Visual Studio Ultimate. I think those are like $12,000 each. So, nearly $350,000 for that with renewals of nearly $4,000 a year for a yearly cost of $120,000 a year.

    I still don't see the reason that eval software would have to be activated. I think it's more the nature that a home consumer simply wants to use their Technet subscription as a cheap mechanism to license all of their own personal computers. And as I've said, that's not the purpose of Technet. Never was.
    I don't think you have worked for an enterprise. Every enterprise I have worked for has a TechNet/MSDN. I have worked for over 30 huge companies in 40 years, plus I sub-contract to about another 100 companies over those years. Every time the time comes to test a new OS it is extremely complicated and never is installed on ONLY one machine, many times we need to install it on 100’s of machines for testing. Enterprises have complicated desktop setups; connections to main frames, mid range systems, every flavor of *ix, windows servers, cloud software, network printers, network copy machines, network scanning, network faxing, oversize plotting & scanning, tons of propriety hardware, tablets, smart phones, vehicles, ships, planes, etc. etc. etc., this includes many many propriety vendor software most of which seems to be written for Windows 95 and have no clue what a domain is or how NTFS permissions work. Many times the testing takes a year to make sure everything is working. We have to work with vendors getting them to update their software, web pages, servers, etc. etc. etc. which takes a lot of time. Currently I have been working with one company for 5 years now testing and getting Windows 7 to work with all their systems. We just started deploying Windows 7 Monday and our Windows 7 test machines have been running that whole time and they will have to continue running as we have had some issues that were never conceived of after the first 1000 machines were deployed. I believe this is why MS made the TechNet/MSDN subscriptions with keys and activation, but with the abuse of the system and the Windows 7 key sales frenzy MS had to make some changes. -WS
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    I said that we have MSDN subscriptions....we just haven't utilized Technet for software in any business that I work in. Our developers have MSDN and we have the Volume Licensing software downloads from Microsoft.
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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there

    3 claimable keys ==> confirmed -- haven't checked activation possibilities yet -- I'll let someone else attempt 2nd and 3rd activations with it.

    What IS different is that unlike W7 Enterprise where you got 1 key which worked like a VL Key W8 probably needs to be activated like the NON enterprise W7 versions on TechNet -- still these had 10 activations per key -- anybody volunteering to test this out for us with W8 -- at least see if it activates more than ONCE. You can always say to Ms that you were building a computer and changed the HDD to an SSD and added a USB3 port - or something like that.


    I was working as a contractor for a long time for SHELL in various sites around the world -- I can genuinely say that the amount of different hardware that stuff needed to be tested on was HUGE -- even similar brands say of some company laptops - often DELL or HP which "looked" the same often behaved quite differently depending on which "National" model you were using or even WHERE it was purchased from.

    You can't notice the difference by just by looking at the laptop -- inside there are often changes to the CPU / other Mobo parts --spec differences might be tiny but enough to make a difference when testing the software. Remember we are talking about people who buy in volumes of 1000's not 10's etc.

    I know loads of our various I.T people had and used TechNet subscriptions -- rolling out W7 for example was a HORRENDOUS exercise -- many people were STILL using Windows 2000 -- never even mind XP and the amount of legacy and specialized hard and software you have in the Oil Industry would make your mind boggle. -- These are HUGE International companies -- any sort of even "Tiny" upgrade involves considerable testing before people can even THINK of rolling it out.

    As a current example - take the incredibly popular Samsung IIIs Galaxy smart phone.
    The Spec for the US is different from what has been delivered in Europe / Asia - for example Dual processor instead of a Quad -- although the processor used won't differ much in performance from the European QUAD model - not for Android type apps anyway.

    To all intents and purposes it is EXACTLY like the European model and behaves the same with the current software -- but I bet a LOT of testing went on to ensure it was 100% compatable with the already released model.

    In this case "If it Looks like a Duck, waddles like a Duck, Quacks like a Duck ....." isn't quite true here. !!!!)

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    I've just noticed a bit of a fail by MSFT - I downloaded and installed the UK ISO yet the date format on the taskbar is in the stupid US format

    Edit - I've just checked and my default the UK ISO had the language options set to US English by default.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64

    Need to have a look if it's on the MSDNAA server.
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    Quote Originally Posted by z3r010 View Post
    I've just noticed a bit of a fail by MSFT - I downloaded and installed the UK ISO yet the date format on the taskbar is in the stupid US format

    Edit - I've just checked and my default the UK ISO had the language options set to US English by default.
    Looks @ z3r010, and waits for an apology. *taps foot*
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    It is a stupid format!!! it at no point makes any logical sense and I think was only invented to confuse the rest of the world.
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Offical release for MSDN and TechNet subscribers
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