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No booting straight to desktop in Windows 8, apparently

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    Unfortunately for Steve Ballmer millions of folks just like us are NOT going to stop complaining about the IDIOCY of not having a default selection to boot DIRECTLY to the desktop in Windows 8.

    His and MS arrogance have assured this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brink View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by lehnerus2000 View Post
    Why is it so difficult for Metro fans to understand that when you are on the Metro Screen, you can't see what's on the Desktop?

    I have to assume that they never have more than one program running on their PCs.
    That's true if you only have one display. If you have multiple displays, then the Start (Metro?) screen is only on the main display, and the desktop still shows on the other displays.
    I am aware of that (from other threads on this forum).
    I don't see why I should have to buy another monitor, just because MS want to sell some tablets.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brink View Post
    However, if you do only have one display, the Windows key and/or Windows+D will allow you to easily toggle back and forth.
    The Window key takes you back to the last thing you were using.
    If you had a different App open, you get sent back to it, not the Desktop (on my PC).

    "Win + D" should do the trick though.

    With the "obsolete Start Menu", I don't have to do that.
    I can still see what I was doing (if I've been interrupted mid-action).
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    6 Ways to Totally Avoid Metro and Use Only Desktop Mode in Windows 8

    Its a nifty little trick but it doesn't disable metro it simply runs a command at login (scheduled with taskmanager) to display the desktop first on login. Pretty cool.

    At the bottom of that page are some options to somewhat prevent the metro from coming up. I'm on the fence of using this for desktop users at work.
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    cimerians, If I recall correctly MS modified the code in RTM to prevent this trick from working.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    cimerians, If I recall correctly MS modified the code in RTM to prevent this trick from working.
    That sucks.


    Not that I was sold on doing it but still thanks for the heads up.
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No booting straight to desktop in Windows 8, apparently
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