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The PC: "I'm Not Dead Yet!"

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    The PC: "I'm Not Dead Yet!"

    There is a great scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where workers go through the village to collect dead bodies. One supposedly dead man is tossed in the wagon when he protests, "I'm not dead yet!" If you have seen Spamalot on Broadway, you may also remember the catchy song titled "He Is Not Dead Yet" in the opening of the show. Well, that little diddy comes to mind every time I sit down at my laptop.

    Despite the growth of mobile computing categories, the classic PC will never die.
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    The PC: "I'm Not Dead Yet!" | Tim Bajarin |

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    That makes sense to me.

    Interesting that Apple's stab at integration doesn't try and force the users to the clouds - it allows the users to go there easily when and if they choose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    That makes sense to me.

    Interesting that Apple's stab at integration doesn't try and force the users to the clouds - it allows the users to go there easily when and if they choose.

    I've said before, when Windows 8 ships. OSX will be more Windows like than Windows itself!
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    cloud :
    a dim or obscure area in something otherwise clear or transparent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcman50 View Post
    cloud :
    a dim or obscure area in something otherwise clear or transparent.

    I wonder how many consumers would get the irony of what you just posted. Unfortunately not too many.

    "The Cloud" is ......DANGEROUS!
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    My desktop is genuinely the hub of my digital life, and even sometimes my personal cloud. When it's on and connected, I can access media on it through my Windows Phone or the internet. Pretty cool!

    I still get a tad annoyed when people use the term PC to describe the desktop form factor, it confuses me. A PC can be a laptop. It can even be a tablet PC. What I find makes it a PC is Windows and the ability to do it all.

    Having said that, no, the PC isn't dead yet and won't be for a VERY long time. It just takes a different form factor.
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    The "Cloud" is the enemy.
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    Actually, I've always seen social networking and the amazingly easy access to private data through such websites much worse an enemy than a private cloud storage.

    Yes, both can be hacked, but even "my grandma" knows how to use Facebook and get all the private information she needs from a friend.

    I personally am getting more and more interested in the Microsoft Surface (with 8 Pro) with each day. It is very intriguing to me that I can use it however I want to; on the go & out and about, it's a simple tablet for social interactions, and if I need to sit down, I can whip out a keyboard, load the desktop and do some work - or even a mouse and play some games with friends. Hopefully... The current spec sheet doesn't show much info for the device.

    The thing is, with today's smartphones, the line between PCs and... idk, anything else, is getting thinner, but that doesn't mean that the PC is dying, I think of it quite contrary - everything is becoming as powerful as the "old" PC and it just takes different forms. I mean, just look at the Windows Phone platform and then Windows 8. WP phones are already half the PC we own... in a way.
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    Zippers replaced buttons for one simple reason ... they worked faster and easier ... in some situations. No way is the desktop PC, complete with mouse/keyboard anywhere near extinction, for the simple reason it is the best system for a person sitting at a desk. End of story.

    From a marketing point of view, while there is a demand, someone will fill it. Lets hope MS continue to do so in the area of desktop PC.
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    This reminds me of what some were asking sometime back about DOS. Many were asking if DOS is dead or will soon die. Now we can look back and realize that DOS did not die, it simply "evolved" into Windows. The word DOS actually means Disk Operating System. We still have a Disk Operating System and we call it windows which is much better than the old DOS. If one misses DOS as it was at onetime, then simply open a DOS prompt in Windows, and do a copy paste as we once did which should make one better appreciate the new Disk Operating System. The PC is not dead but it will no doubt evolve into something better than we have now.
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The PC: "I'm Not Dead Yet!"
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