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Microsoft: "Metro" out, "Windows 8-style UI" in

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    I could come up with some names for it but if I posted them here I'd get myself banned.

    Since it's the "New User Interface" full of its own nuances maybe we should call it "NUI" (NOO-ey, rhymes with "GUI").

    "Keep your NUI, give me back my old GUI!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    All in all, a beautiful, well-thought-out interface.
    Absolutely, AOL was way ahead of the curve when they designed it.

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    I would rename it, greed at is worst, engineered by the lazy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    All in all, a beautiful, well-thought-out interface.
    Absolutely, AOL was way ahead of the curve when they designed it.

    (QQ) I see the resemblance, but gotta ask...What's your point? I so happen to think it will be a repeat of history as a real money maker. I mean AOL was a money maker in it's hay day. Bought by Time Warner if I remember correctly.

    Well, anyway................You've got mail!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by FSeal View Post
    No no no, they are not getting rid of it darn it! but they are likely going to change the name due to trademark dispute if rumors are true.
    Trademark dispute? What is the UI in Windows Phones called then? I was under the impression that it is also called Metro. But this has had no issues !!

    I think they should call it "Tiles".

    I like the word "Metro" anyway. It sounds cool
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    The REAL reason for Ms to drop the name Metro (Those Lawyers AGAIN !!)

    Hi there
    it's all here

    BBC News - Microsoft to drop 'Metro' name for Windows 8

    Ms suggesting it's changing the name for "Aesthetic Reasons" is just a load of Bow-larks !!.

    Surprised The City of Newcastle in N.E England didn't also get in on the act as it has the HUGE Metro Retail centre as well. !!!


    (Maybe those "Geordies" are enjoying their Beer too much to notice !!!!).

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    So a new name for Metro....
    Desktop Interface Formally Know As Metro
    Just ask the purple person "Prince" for suggestions.....
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    Metro: love it or hate it, me thinks the moniker should stay!
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    You mean "Mr Squiggle".
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    This world is just messed up. They are calling the interface metro not even a product and metro is such a common word it's not a unique name. I'm pretty sure NO one will mistake the interface for that company. So dumb. Soon we can't even use any word because they will be all trademarked.
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Microsoft: "Metro" out, "Windows 8-style UI" in
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