New information was leaked about the upcoming Microsoft Windows, possibly named Eight 8. As you can see through the leaked pictures, Microsoft seems to follow their competitor’s steps, as Apple is leading the path to success. There are many ways to analyze this, but one logic reason to do this: Apple has already made it. As such, Microsoft is trying to figure out the marketing recipe to successfully support their forthcoming operating system – Windows 8. Added to that, there are many impressive new features, such as facial recognition using digital signal processing technology of embedded webcam. Well, we are fairly certain that this is going for log-in sessions, as to enhance security and user’s privacy.

Furthermore, Windows 8 product cycle is divided into three categories:

* Planning from framing to vision
* Development from vision to beta
* Readiness from beta to GA+90

Idea comes first, then a beta follows, and finally debugging starts. Whether timetables are yet correct, they are already focused on vision discussion and probably coding the very first lines of Internet Explorer 9. Typically, they want to emphasize the need of innovative and user-friendly features as well, in order to serve right their target group – enthusiasts and mainstream consumers – by providing best using technology solutions. For instance, we would like to see a SSD optimized boot loader and an enhanced trim support. Also, fast and quick responded graphical user environment is more than welcome.

Eventually, one point worth mentioning is that they are going to combine Logoff and hibernation procedures as to improve their power saving mechanism. Windows 8 aims to be ECO friendly, as such we expect lot’s of green control applications not only for notebooks, but for every computer supported by Microsoft’s upcoming operating system.

Source & Screenshots: Microsoft Windows 8 information leaked