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Windows 8 RTM build 8518 screenshots appear - no more Aero!

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    Windows 8 RTM build 8518 screenshots appear - no more Aero!

    New screenshots have appeared of the Windows 8 RTM branch, courtesy of WinUnleaked, that reveal some last-minute changes and additions made by the Windows team. First up, in the coloring menu Microsoft has removed the option, previously seen in June, to independently color the taskbar and windows, meaning you are now stuck with the same color for both. Also, Internet Explorer 10 now interacts with the color that you choose, and new tabs and buttons have been spotted.
    Read more and check out the screenshots here: Windows 8 RTM build 8518 screenshots appear - Neowin

    They did it... They finally did it!
    And I have to comment on this right away, because it has been quite a while since I posted anything new. Like many others, I had my doubts, my complains, prejudices and a decent amount of laziness towards the upcoming Win8. But I think Microsoft finally stepped up, gathered its strength, and delivered!

    No more Aero in Windows 8! I loved it from the first time I saw it in Vista, it looked gorgeous, fancy and sexy - true eye candy! Win7 suffered from Aero in its bland simplicity and flatness, and Win8 did no better. But I personally think that this is a big, big turnaround for me, and it just might be something that, among other reasons I have discovered with the Release Preview, will make me decide to get the OS when it hits the shelves.

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    TBH, I think it looks positively ghastly.
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    Thanks for the article lead, Gornot. It's lQQking good! I can hardly wait for final release. Glad to see your a FanBoy too. BTW - Nice avatar.
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    Weird, I think it looks like Windows xp with higher resolution images. I guess Aero would have taken too much HP on tablets so it needed to be removed.
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    Cheer up. Monochrome is the next step! Maybe they'll make the high contrast mode new default, lol!

    All kidding aside, it wouldn't be so bad if they will let us change from the white background on the Office apps, etc. Yes I too like Aero. What Microsoft should give us the option to choose it or not. Metro UI can look pretty nice on a small Windows phone, but they also seem to have a talent for making it look drab on Windows 8.

    I am one notch below fanboy. Count me in as one of those who like Windows 8, but also willing to be critical where I think appropriate. I suppose I am one of those looking an iPad killer. Since the iPad doesn't have anything like a Desktop, and doesn't have split windows, I look at Windows 8 as a big step above as a tablet. That said, I do wish Microsoft would better accommodate the desktop users.
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    I'm a big fan of Aero and still holding out hope that Microsoft will reconsider it for Windows 8 on PCs. Even my little 1 GB 32-bit Netbook can do Aero with Windows 7 - so it can it be that big a deal?
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    I look at it as entertainment, come on $40, for the general consumer that's a no brainer. Hell, one can spend $40 on one dinner, what's $40 for something that you are going use almost every day of your life for the next 2 or 3 years.

    I am not a fan of the mono-tone colors, ribbon menus or simplicity of the metro screen. If the apps are inexpensive and interesting and useful than it might work.

    I know one thing for sure people are going to have a field day with Windows 8, tweaking, see what works, all it's new functions, it's going to be fun for awhile.

    After all the intro, if the thing is harder to use and less intuitive then Windows 7 , then yeah, its' going to be a bit of a bummer, but we shall see. I am of course talking as a long time desktop user and probably will continue to use Windows 8 in that fashion.

    T to the C
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    When I first saw screenshots of the new user interface, I didn't like it at all. But, few days ago I downloaded a Microsoft Office customer preview, and... wow! It looks great! If Windows Explorer is going to look like that, or similar, I will never turn my computer off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snoop101 View Post
    Weird, I think it looks like Windows xp with higher resolution images. I guess Aero would have taken too much HP on tablets so it needed to be removed.
    I agree with this.

    The desktop edition could have Aero running but it's just like with Metro:

    - you need Metro for the tablet SO we include it on the desktop too (because there is only 1 Win8 version for all devices)

    And Aero:

    - you DON'T need it for the tablet and therefore is not included in the desktop either.

    Sounds logic.
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    Thanks for the link. I think it looks good (taskbar and windows need the same color and brings back some balance) again.

    I feel a bit sorry for all transparency fans out there, but I didn't used that for quite sometime myself.
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Windows 8 RTM build 8518 screenshots appear - no more Aero!
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