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How Microsoft can salvage Windows 8 before it's too late

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    I don't usually use the mouse at all in Metro because everything is accessible throught key combinations. A direct boot into desktop or Metro is handled in the Group settings dialog of the Control panel (Which is usually hidden under the "All Applications" window)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soundtweaker View Post
    Those tests are pretty much useless because those people didn't see the startup tutorials that shows up first win8 boots. There will be specific tutorials based on what device win8 is installed on also.
    you are not getting the point, the normal user will not sit there and read a tutorial to get into an OS they just want it to get there, and I showed them the OS as it started up.
    People just want it to boot up and Go, not many have the time to read how to do things especially in a work envireoment.
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    This is very true. The less time spent in repair and configuration means more time for business: Employers who teach their employees or technicians to hack their systems may end up with a network with many security problems.

    I do, however, think the issue is moot (for businesses) because most enterprises will be running Windows Server 2012 which doesn't have Metro. Many businesses may not even be able to afford (my college still runs Windows XP workstations with Novell NetWare. The principle is valuable and something every business should know about.

    I think it is nice that there are hacks out there, but unless they are available in one place, they are impractical and will not . I don't know any user who would think o regedit as an easy way to get things done. Then again, these options need to be presented at installation and not in a lengthy tutorial.
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    It wont be as hard as you think. Most people already know how to navigate around a smartphone UI so Win8 isnt much different.
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    I wouldn't think that if people know how to use ios or android, they will understand the metro design. As I see it, the two platforms are Desktop-lite interfaces whereas metro is something else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lionell View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    Actually, Windows 7 was vista 2.0!
    Actually, it wasn't. It was and is Windows 7. Vista 2.0 really does not exist. It was a metaphor for a failure by design.

    Windows 8 is a forced blending of incompatible elements such that both the touch and mouse/keyboard interface is broken and incomplete. It is especially so for the people who actually use their computers to do work rather than simply consume content produced by others. If all you want to do one thing at at time and run apps, tweet, email or brows the web, Metro is sort of OK. However, if you want to be productive, use more than one window at a time, and produce complex content then you must constantly fight having to go through the butt. ugly, totally useless, and unnecessary Metro screen.

    It would have been trivially easy for Microsoft to have done it right. One way would have been to have a touch centric OS and a mouse/keyboard centric OS (ie. Windows 7). The other way would be to provide the user with a choice of touch or mouse/keyboard centric operation. As it is, the people they are relying on to provide content are constantly having to switch contexts between two incompatible universes to get much of anything done. Each context switch will result in a significant fraction of an hour of lost productivity because of focus being broken. Staying in "the zone" is very important.

    I have 70 applications that I must use to service the various tasks I must perform to develop content: software, websites, documentation and the like as well as remote technical support and system and software diagnostics. Try pinning that many icons on the task bar and the task bar would be useless. Then there are many more applications that I must use infrequently. You see, I have real work to accomplish and I need to do it MY WAY and not the way some brain dead manager at Microsoft insists I must do it. Personally, I couldn't care less about what Microsoft managers want. They can go suck rocks for all I care.

    I understand that Microsoft doesn't give a damn about the people who must do real work. They are interested only in finding a way to build a new cash cow by having a totally captive audience brainlessly buying apps from THEIR app store. They also want have a way to push paid for advertizing out to that "customer" base and they think Metro is it. That is their choice. They are so focused on creating that cash cow that it is clear that they haven't thought about where all those apps will come from. They are building a cash cow that won't give cash without the apps.

    I don't have to like it but I must somehow find a way to live with it or stop working and stop being productive. For now, that means shunning Windows 8 and staying with Windows 7 for as long as possible.
    Agreed. We recently completed a 3 month closed test within our company to see where Win8 CP stands (I know the latest version was RP but we wanted to test something for a little more than a few weeks).

    I as well as the other staff on the IT team will be recommending to remain on Win7 for our hundreds of machines, we simply see no benefit and in fact measured reduced productivity with Win8, even after users were satisfactorily used to the new OS. Our users are already faced with the challenge of increasing workloads and less time to complete them. MS needs to do a lot better than merely offer, for example IE10 as a leveraging point to get us to move to Win8.
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    Stratos, I don't believe the current iteration of Windows 8 would work in a business environment. I would LOVE to see what the professional version of Windows 8 will look like. I believe this version is for computer enthusiast, and not the corporate user(s). The cost involved in JUST the re-training of employees would be astronomical. BUT! Seeing as how Microsoft is also a business (Corporation) I am MORE than sure they will have an edition for businesses. Various different online sources have always stated that the biggest buyer of Microsoft Windows is the enthusiast. (Home-User)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soundtweaker View Post
    It wont be as hard as you think. Most people already know how to navigate around a smartphone UI so Win8 isnt much different.
    'Atta boy, Soundtweaker, hold to your guns! A lot of speculation going on lately on this forum without sound forensic business proof. Forensic meaning to examine closely with a professional methodology and with professional tools.

    @ robin69

    Although I respect what you do professionally, I think that is not very good scientifically sound survey, although I believe your results may not be that far off. I'm sure M$ and others they hire to do independents have executed a ton of surveys. M$ is a successful multi $billion business. I think they might know a little about what they're doing and which specific market to target and with what software to shoot that market with.

    @ rich4421972

    I agree with the Server 20I2 statement assuming it will work. I'm not familiar with server. I think 8 currently in no way is ready for enterprise nor is enterprise ready for 8. They will either run with server, stick with 7, or upgrade to either one if they haven't done so. I think they will support 7 and server for quite some time until 8, if ever, is ready. 8 may just turn out to be a general-public OS and that is all. Enterprise may never use it, for it may not be what M$ will target them with. They may produce an enterprise version as MikeLonewolf has stated.

    @ some on this forum, especially some Pros

    Most people aren't as stupid and slow as you may think, especially the younger. We live in a pretty-much literate world today. We're no longer in the dark ages. They will read the help files, seek personal help, or whatever it takes to learn something, what I believe, is drastically new, an OS named Windows 8. I suggest to come off your high horses and walk some ground down here. At least for a while.
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    As of this moment in time there's nothing that makes me want to switch. I despise Metro, don't care for the new Ribbon Explorer interface, I'm perfectly comfortable using 7.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EchoX860 View Post
    As of this moment in time there's nothing that makes me want to switch. I despise Metro, don't care for the new Ribbon Explorer interface, I'm perfectly comfortable using 7.
    Thank you, EchoX860. Short, to the point, honest, and respectful on how one thinks and/or feels about 8.
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How Microsoft can salvage Windows 8 before it's too late
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