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Microsoft urges death of Windows gadgets as researchers plan disclosur

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    Quote Originally Posted by chev65 View Post
    This is just another lame excuse to kill off the traditional PC. It's not going to happen Msoft so get used to it. Your little surface machines are not the end all PC game changer you seem to think it is. It's a decent mobile platform and that's it.

    It pretty much goes without saying that installing Gadgets or anything else from an untrusted source would not be wise.

    I know which ones are safe and I'm not about to turn off or uninstall or "Fix" my gadgets by disabling them.

    I don't need Msoft "the new big brother" telling me what to do.


    I'm looking forward to seeing Windows 8 crash and burn. Just like it deserves to.

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    legacy7955 posted
    I'm looking forward to seeing Windows 8 crash and burn. Just like it deserves to.
    No it will not - It is purely a commercial approach that is required to continue generating a revenue stream.
    I in particular am not happy with the attempt to lock us in, as are many other members here. But we will be able to get round it
    But look at the market 630m W7 sold, 660M XP systems still out there 200m vista.
    Look at the user base; the following are my own probably incorrect estimates.
    50% standard users who take what they are given including the odd gadget, they shop via the internet, sign up for facebook, they use email, load a couple of games for the kids and organise their music.
    35% are corporates who have in most cases been sticking to xp or 2000
    10% are enthusiastic amateurs who upgrade their components on a regular basis to get better and better performance, add gadgets to monitor their system but look for solutions that are readily available on the internet.
    5% are the in the higher echelon, they understand windows and its quirks and work round them to really make windows dance to their tune.
    Microsoft will announce that XP is about to die no more security updates, your systems will be consumed by the "fires of hell"
    We MS are offering you a solution for the measly sum of $40 (read £40 in the UK) please take it up.
    Corporates will be offered an even more attractive price and can jump vista and seven.
    Gadgets can cause problems if not tested properly and they are trying to circumvent that particular by insisting that apps be authorised and only available from the store at a price (Apple business model - lock them in)
    W8 provides an excellent solution for tablets and eventually will give apple some thing to worry about.
    Tablets will be the computer of choice for the 50% of standard users. Look how smart phones are making inroads into the mobile market. My own tablet (android) I use when traveling plays all my music and videos, receives my mail, connects to the internet, has kindle reader installed,inbuilt satnav - no good for office, picture editing etc.

    W8 desktop will still be there; they cannot afford to kill off their market in office which requires the desktop
    gadgets will still be there, although activating them may be a pain because the sidebar will be a hidden, it is still in windows server 2012. It is only a ploy to get people to buy new apps from the store, sign up for sky drive etc.

    I will upgrade to W8 , I like it, I boot to the desktop, I have my own gadgets to control and monitor events, they have relented on media center it found my tuner on first instal and runs liver TV, it boots quicker,I have reinstated the start button, it has an excellent backup system and the underlying code has been optimised etc. The only problem that has not been fixed is that of dynamically swopping sata channels and that is now registered as an official bug.

    However I will not use metro, sign up for skydrive, use windows live mail, continuously pay for noddy apps, or trust MS to be the keeper of my personal data.
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    Pretty good roundup, and I'll agree with you on the numbers.
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Microsoft urges death of Windows gadgets as researchers plan disclosur
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