New “Metro-ized” Office Icons Revealed

Microsoft has been rapidly moving just about every brand and service (and now hardware) toward their Metro language style. This includes their very popular Office suite of applications, which we’ve seen is getting a Metro makeover of its own.
Now, has gotten their hands on the new icons for Microsoft upcoming version of the Office suite of apps. previously, Liveside revealed the new Office Logo (see below), but now the individual icons are beginning to leak out.

Liveside also noted the previously leaked icon for Outlook on the Building Windows 8 Blog, which appears in the latest look at the Windows 8 desktop sans aero.

Personally, I’ve always been a huge fan of Microsoft’s metro-ization of their products. Changing up the icons for Windows 8 and their Office suite is a small, but necessary step to bring everything together into a recognizable, cohesive unit.
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