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Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phone Man View Post
    Interesting post over at TechNet.

    Can I do a clean install to a blank drive w/ a Win8 Upgrade?

    However, you can take a blank drive, throw say, XP, Vista, Win7 or even Win8 RP on it and then install the Upgrade telling it to keep nothing which, will format the drive as part of the install process... this would be the recommended approach as it, in effect, amounts to a clean install.

    Thank you Jim, briliant! I spoke to M$ and they said I could not have Win7 and Win7/Win8 upgrade installed at the same time as it contravened the licence agreement.

    Never thought of XP. Don't use my XP Pro retail disc but kept it as "collector's iterm" and excellent to still have a practical use! So glad I didn't throw it out! Once again XP lives on ... will it ever die? Now I can keep Win7 on one HD and upgrade XP to Win8 on separate HD. And it's equivalent to a clean install! I'm not interested in "importing Win7" across. I prefer to do it as a virgin install, as I always do when going from an old OS to a new one, so this is perfect.

    You're a genius and little wonder you were head of Bell! I have found all your posts most informative, practical and easy to implement as evidenced by your help on SSDs and Condusiv PDF. Don't know if the Canadian company McCains are in your part of the world, but you're posts are reminiscent of their ad: "Ah McCain, you've done it again!"

    I would paraphrase that with: "Ah Jimbo, way to go!" Cheers M

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    pparks1 posted
    Odds are slim to nill. The Apple upgrade is very, very small. It's like a $20 service pack. the change from Windows 7 to Windows 8 is much more substantial and warrants a higher price.
    You missed the point of my post 25.99 is the UK equivalent of US $40 at tourist exchange rates
    M$ in the past have just changed the $ to sign here in "rip-off Britain"
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    I seem to recall that the price increase is due to country taxes and not MS.
    Correct me If this is wrong.
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    UK price quotes have to include 20% VAT.

    That would make 30.

    We always get hit for more. It isn't just MS - check the price of a pair of Levi jeans.
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    The price went down

    Click image for larger version
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    That is a different offer mate.

    If you buy a new win7 pc - you can upgrade for $14.99

    If you already have a windows pc - you can upgrade for $40.
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    And when Vista was out, the offer to upgrade to Windows 7 when you bought a copy of Vista was for $0.00. It was free, this time around, we get to pay $15.
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    The really brutal stupidity of this whole thing is that the huge, vast, overwhelming majority of computers upon which someone might want to install Windows 8 will have come pre-installed with a legitimate copy of Windows. Why make it so hard? Just let people install the damn thing if they pay their $40!
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    C'mon guys, this is the Pro version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by essenbe View Post
    C'mon guys, this is the Pro version.

    Hahaha... there is no pro version. A pro version would boot to the desktop and give you the start menu, Metro could then be launched at option at any time but would never be required for any day to day operation of any kind and would not show it's face unless you specifically called it up.
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Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99
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