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Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99

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    Yes, I expect it will be 40, we have become used to that.

    Quote Originally Posted by besb View Post
    40 USD IS CURRENTLY 25.82 GBP.
    What's the odds that 40 usd translates into 39.95 GBP if we have to order via microsoft UK
    If that is the case I will refuse to buy it on principle and stick with 7 - I hate being ripped off

    I also think 40 usd = 32.55 Euro

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    I'd be willing to bet that the price here in Oz bears little relationship
    to either the US price or the exchange rate.

    We do seem to be over-charged on just about everything here.

    But if it does turn out to be reasonable, I'm in.
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    Hello to all,
    Here are my questions. I have W8 RP running. I am thinking of upgrading to the real thing for $40 when it becomes available. My question is how will that work. I am not changing my W7 machine, this is my second computer which previously was running Ubuntu. I have a licensed Windows XP disk. I do not wish to have to reinstall XP just to qualify for the download to W8.
    Second question is when will some clever person write a program that will uninstall all the apps I don't want and reassign the file extensions to regular programs that are on the computer all in one shot. Real pain doing this, did it with CP and CP to RP.
    Thanks for any assistance.
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    Sadly on all the other deals Microsoft seem to be just changing the $ and sign, so may well be 40!

    They have now confirmed that anyone using RP for them will be able to use the upgrade assistant to cash in on this deal - as long as there is an underlying previous Windows licence key.

    We were all "encouraged" to do a fresh install from CP to RP. Surely formatting the HD will wipe out any such trace? How is this going to work? I have the key on my old CD......
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    thats god but what about people who just have windows 8 install no other OS
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    Windows 8 RP upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39:

    I was wondering if the upgrade to Windows 8 Professional would work from W8RP. Well here's the definitive answer:
    Maximum PC | Windows 8 $39.99 Upgrade Offer Will Support the Release Preview
    Microsoft will break all records with this download offer and make many loyal customers very happy. Cheers.
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    Of course, this also says you would have had to have a previous version of Windows on the drive in order to utilize this. For my Windows 8 machine, the drive was 100% blank when I started, so technically this would not qualify.
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    Question. How would I do this?....Can I get it for that price in stores? Or what? I mean how in the hell is Best Buy gonna know I even own Windows 8 RP? lol....
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    No doubt there's a how to do it discussion somewhere on the forum but here's a link to a more detailed discussion of how to do it. Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeht View Post
    Question. How would I do this?....Can I get it for that price in stores? Or what? I mean how in the hell is Best Buy gonna know I even own Windows 8 RP? lol....
    It's not checked when you by it. It is verified when you install it as it checks your PC to see if a qualifying version is installed.

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Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99
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