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Microsoft: Don't overclock Windows 8 unless you like our new BSOD

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    Microsoft: Don't overclock Windows 8 unless you like our new BSOD

    Redmond boffins burn up CPUs so you don't have to
    By Gavin Clarke

    Microsoft's Blue Screen of Death is the curse of Windows. Not just its appearance, mid way through some serious game play or spreadsheeting, but the messages themselves - digital monologues on the existence of a problem, its possible causes and how you can fix it.

    Yeah, right. Just shut down and re-start like everybody else.

    With Windows 8 Microsoft has re-engineered BSOD for the era of Twitter and texting - unhappy smilies and chirpy one-liners.

    Based on some Microsoft research, though, it seems you could be seeing more of the Windows 8 BSOD if you buy a PC from an OEM who's fiddled with the chip to make it go that little bit faster. Also, beware the temptation to buy a PC from an unrecognized PC maker.
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    When you get a link to a link to a link, here's the link to that link:

    I think that it is saying - if you get a crash running Windows 8, don't run Windows 8 on that machine, because it will crash again and again...

    Gavin Clarke's subtitle "Redmond boffins burn up CPUs so you don't have to" is a bit ingenuous - Microsoft get the data used in their excellent paper from crashes that we, the consumers suffer, via the Windows "WER" (Windows Error Reporting) procedure which sends crash reports direct to Microsoft. If you happen to get a BSOD, Microsoft gets to know who made your PC, how old it is, what its spec. is how much it is over- or under-clocked, and how often it BSODs.
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    so basically, don't buy from 'unknown' OEM's, who choose the best parts. pay 20% more for crap motherboard, crap case with non-existing air flow, just to have manufacturers logo, poor performance and loads of crapware preinstalled.

    i don't buy computers - i buy parts and build them on my own. result:
    core i7 (ivy bridge) running at 4.7GHz, 16GB ram 1866MHz etc etc...
    running windows 8 flawlessly.

    even on "factory" frequencies is significantly faster than major OEM builds.
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    Statistics don't work like that Zbaracki - your excellent handbuilt systems, wouldn't register in their stats - since they don't crash!
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    The report from MS was released April 2011 and has nothing to do with Windows 8. The only thing relevant to Windows 8 is that the BSOD message has been changed. The report was a analysts of hardware crashes not software crashes.

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    At least Windows 8 sympathizes with my pain at every BSOD...
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    I would hope that "fiddling" with the CPU doesn't really qualify as an officially tested overclock in anyone's book. Kind of like posting cpuz screen shots of high CPU overclocks that aren't stable.

    I haven't seen a single BSOD with Windows 8 and I'm overclocked pretty well here.

    Stable overclocks are still working fine, there is such a thing you know.
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    What a BS; None of my PCs or Servers I build BSOD, they run 24/7, I can't say the same from HP that customers bring here, it's not their hardware that make BSOD, it's the full free crap they download and install. Of course if you OC a pc you reach a limit where it will BSOD, we can't try it with the 20 top as they don't OC, lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    At least Windows 8 sympathizes with my pain at every BSOD...
    You have BSOD ? Install Windows 7
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    Portsmouth Hants
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    If you read the paper - it was based on 1 million consumer machines who had hardware failures - not software - A couple of years earlier the analysts at WER - Windows Error Reporting - said that they had over 1 billion reports of all types of failures - so hardware failure in PCs comes in at less than 1 in 1000 error reports - the majority are due to software and drivers, and the analysts probably have no intention of producing a report on software and driver failure - because when discovered, they can be easily remedied - via software updates.

    The downshot is, you will not be downloading a replacement for your failing DDR memory any time soon.

    However, any research on hardware failure leads to a potential for future improvement, and with Microsoft becoming more involved in hardware production, you can probably even look forward to "signed" hardware components, as well as the current trends in UEFI, Drivers and Software.

    A crash-free future would be fantastic.
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    I don't get them, for some strange reason.

    Maybe it's because I know how to set up and maintain my
    machine, and don't overload it with rubbish or download

    Probably had three since I've been using Win 7, and two of
    them were on the beta/RC.....

    BTW, anyone remember the Longhorn RSOD? That was novel.

    And there used to be a prog that would let you change the colour of a BSOD.

    Didn't fix it, or make it go away. Just changed the colour.....
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Microsoft: Don't overclock Windows 8 unless you like our new BSOD
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