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From DOS to the golden age of Windows

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    From DOS to the golden age of Windows

    Travelling back in time

    Those of us who grew up with computers have witnessed great change: from the hulking tower PCs of yore to the pocket-sized smartphones of today and from blinking green screen cursors to 4K graphical displays.

    For those old enough to remember wrestling with a command line or battling Windows' blue screen of death, it's never been easier to relive those early memories of computing.

    These virtual trips down memory lane come courtesy of emulators that run directly in the web browser: offering the chance to experience everything from the birth of personal computing in the early 1980s to the golden age of Windows in the late 1990s.

    Here are some of the classic operating systems you can run in your browser...

    Read more: From DOS to the golden age of Windows: The classic operating systems you can run in the browser - TechRepublic

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    Some things just never die...... like good ol' DOS. I use it every day in batch files, to do repetitive tasks, that help me to maintain my PC, and back up my data.

    And, I use it on my Boot Disk from which I run GHOST 11.5, (the last DOS version of the program) my backup program of choice.

    But the history of computing certainly didn't start with the PC..... that only came after years and years of computers that would fill a large size room, and even heat a multi-story building, during an Iowa winter. Those were what I started out repairing, way, way back.
    Remember those vacuum tubes, and VTVOM's ? And the first hard disk I ever set up, had to be adjusted using an O'Scope.
    Today, the SSD technology takes us away from mechanical hard drives, with moving parts that can wear out.
    But, even on my SSD, there are several DOS batch files that I use every day.

    Ah, the good ol' days!

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    I kinda miss the early to mid 90s, taking programming classes at college and many of the labs had 386 and 486 computers with MS-DOS 6.2 and some sort of Borland editor and compiler. I love the different ANSI colours of text on the screen (especially purples and blues)
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    Ah yes! Good ol' Ansi Colors. Way back in the 70's, I knew how to write a batch file and make a text menu, but it was a Bank President who showed me how to incorporate Ansi Colors into my menus.

    Here's the text menu for my old (DOS) ME Utilities disk. Each number is the name of a batch file that runs the appropriate program. That disk has gone through many updates, from the ME days, till now, but I still use it often, more out of nostalgia than necessity.

    With escape codes, you could also create a stair-stepped menu. It was a lot of fun, that the new guys today will never experience.
    MS Windows killed the creativity of most PC operators.
    When I taught "Basic Computer Concepts" years ago, it was all DOS and Ansi basics.

    Technically, we still have DOS today....because D.O.S. does stand for "Disk Operating System" and what is Windows, but a D.O.S., with a GUI sitting on top of it. The GUI's change from one version of Windows to the next, but the underlying D.O.S. pretty much remains the same.

    Happy Computing!
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From DOS to the golden age of Windows
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