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A history of the Windows Start menu

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    A history of the Windows Start menu

    Microsoftís Start menu is a big deal. Itís the first thing many people think of when they think of Windows, or even Microsoft. The simple Start menu has existed for more than 20 years now. It started off as a way to make Windows easier to use, and now itís the center of how we interact with Windows on a daily basis. Whether itís launching apps, searching for documents, or simply shutting down your PC, you probably use the Start menu more than you think.

    Microsoftís Start menu made its first appearance with Windows 95. It quickly became the go-to menu to find everything you needed from your PC, and it changed very little until the blue-and-green theme of Windows XP. The Start menu became so intertwined with the identity of Windows that users freaked out when it disappeared in Windows 8. It didnít take long for Microsoft to reverse course: the Start menu was brought back to life with Windows 10.

    Microsoft has tried a variety of different Start menus over the years, but the Windows 10 version is the best combination of the modern ideas the company has attempted and the classic menu. The Start menu is iconic, and itís the identity of Windows. As long as Microsoft doesnít have any crazy ideas, itís probably here to stay for many, many more years.

    Twenty years is a long time for any software, so letís take a look at how exactly the Start menu, and by extension, Windows itself, has changed since Windows 95....

    Read more: A history of the Windows Start menu | The Verge

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    And...... with the simple addition of "The Classic Shell" the START Menu is back, in all its Glory! The choice of a Classic Start Menu, or the Windows 7 style of start menu, is there for the pleasure of the user. MS isn't the only ones who know how to program Windows.

    But what also goes back a long ways, at least to the beginning of Windows XP, is the Windows Registry and the Windows Kernel. They've really not changed hardly at all since XP. Registry tweaks that I used to speed up XP, still work, even in Windows 10. Amazing!

    So anyone who thinks that Windows 10 is a brand new OS, is on a fools errand.
    The only thing that's really NEW with Windows 10, is WUDO and Cortana, two huge security holes, that need to be plugged.
    When I set up a new PC with Windows 10 on it, those two security holes get plugged, the very first thing. Then I install the Classic Shell, and then continue tweaking and tuning, for best performance, and quicker startups and shutdowns.

    Cheers Mates!
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    Honestly in Windows 7/8 , I rarely use the start menu at all anymore. The taskbar has pretty much replaced it 100%.
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    Honestly in Windows 7/8 , I rarely use the start menu at all anymore. The taskbar has pretty much replaced it 100%.
    When I read the statements about using the Start menu most of the time, I was caught flat-footed. Then I read the above quote. That's how I use Windows. And how I have used Windows since XP and before. I guess is has a lot to do with what you've done previously, but it surely makes a difference when the tools you're used to aren't around.
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A history of the Windows Start menu
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