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Why Microsoft killed the Windows Start button

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    SIW2 Don't worry about it - it was a bit tongue in cheek.
    It really was meant to just that. I did follow up in that statement that there needs to be choice of UI for I am not a pro or power user. I've stated that on many a post.

    FSeal Ugh, now I feel bad too.. I also apologise Hippsie.

    I'm taking Windows 8 way too personally. I've been a MS booster for decades now and though they have punched a lot of people in the face with their draconian decisions in the past I've somehow managed to avoid their flying fists until now
    Apology accepted, but no need to apologize. I'm surely understanding of what's going on here. I don't sit behind a PC all day. I'm a builder with forte in carpentry. The change of UI fulfilled my anticipation of "the next OS" like Ralphie opening his Christmas present seeing his first BB gun! I nearly pissed myself! I'm pretty sure you Pros felt the same way, but only to be let down by the limits of the UI. It surely must be frustrating. Believe me, my heart goes out to you people!

    So now you feel you've been let down and rightfully so. I believe if M$ doesn't give choice of UI upon final release it will be a huge mistake. They may crumble like a rock in a landslide.

    I've seen a lot of huge companies die off in a fireball or fade away with a whimper from really bad descisions and Ballmer is scaring me with his "Out Apple Apple" talk (If I wanted Apple I'd be using Apple, I don't, I use Windows).

    I fear soon we'll have two Apples, 32 Linux and no Windows...
    Well stated! Too much ego....not enough business sense....

    P.S. I will edit dark agers statement out if you so wish.

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    It's a perspective and it kind of does make some sense. I mean, our keyboards are almost like genuine extensions of the PC versus just a simple input. Power buttons, media controls, shortcut keys, and Start key which is what makes a keyboard for a PC.
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    The only thing I have to say about this whole "Silly Argument" is where did I put that darn can of cheese wheeze. . .
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    This change of interface even shows up somehow in my dreams like a nightmare last time. Classic Shell might have even shoved it self a bit on the scene like a hero, I dunno, can't remeber much detail. Seriously LOL.
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    Nightmare is the word. How they expect people to remember a zillion KB shortcuts is beyond me. To say that the Start button was never used is such a stupid excuse and is totally out of line with reality.
    I shall continue to use my artificially created Start button until further notice, thanks to ViStart even though it has its shortcomings.
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    When I first started using 8, it was really annoying not to have the Start button, but as I become more familiar with 8's interface I don't miss it so much. It's not so bad once you know where to look for things. One question though, I've lost the function of the upper row of my keyboard, the row with numbers and symbols. Does anyone else have the problem? Updated the keyboard driver, but that didn't solve the problem. Also, just a suggestion to about giving those of us who chose to be the guinea pigs a free upgrade for the trouble?
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    Microsoft says they also discovered that people aren't using MS Backup. So you'd think they got rid of it right? Wrong! They made it better of course (or tried to...).

    Same (supposed) problem, different responses.

    What if they discovered that many people aren't brushing their teeth at night? Take away their tooth brushes?

    If my kids don't study, I am going to take away their books next year!

    Not everybody bothers to use strong passwords, so let's make all passwords weak.

    And for me this the best: probably less than 1% of users use multiple monitors, yet the video card vendors are outdoing themselves with how many monitors you can (but won't) attach. And now MS has jumped on the bandwangon and made multi-monitor support even better on Windows, so people continue not to use it really well!
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    I don't even use the start button anymore. I use launchy to find anything, and it works way faster then the search function on windows.
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    I sure hope the ability to do image backups remains intact.

    That'd be a bit of a game-breaker if not.

    (And I have neither the need, the desire, or the room for multiple monitors).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden View Post
    Microsoft claims it took the controversial decision to remove the Start button from the traditional Windows desktop because people had stopped using it.
    IKR?! I ALWAYS used the start button before Win8. I don't know wtf they are smoking. You had no choice BUT to use the start button unless you Pinned everything you needed to the which I never do. I guess maybe I should start doing that? LOL
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Why Microsoft killed the Windows Start button
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