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Why Microsoft killed the Windows Start button

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    Quote Originally Posted by lehnerus2000 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    The real reason is clear - it is to try and force the start screen on users.

    Even that god awful Unity is better than the Start Screen (and it's the first thing I stripped out of my Ubuntu 12 VM).
    Hahaha... well I might not go THAT far

    But this is a BAD time for people that are computer power users with Apple, Microsoft and the leading desktop Linux distro /all/ trying to turn their OSes into grade school playthings

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    Quote Originally Posted by R3B3L View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Golden View Post
    Microsoft claims it took the controversial decision to remove the Start button from the traditional Windows desktop because people had stopped using it.
    I couldn't have said it better myself. If people stopped using it, then why would so many people want it back?
    As I've said before, the only people who are "asking for it back" are people who have installed the RP. Wait until it gets the full release and the OEM's get hold of it and the mass market get their say.
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    So because *some* people don't use it they remove it for everybody? *Some* people don't use the calculator, the Command prompt and Regedit - why don't they take those out as well?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruudfood View Post
    So because *some* people don't use it they remove it for everybody? *Some* people don't use the calculator, the Command prompt and Regedit - why don't they take those out as well?
    Exactly. If they removed things that not everybody used, there wouldn't be a whole lot left.
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    None of the functionality has been removed afaik, the Start button has just become the Start screen.
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    Not exactly.

    The start menu and all of it's functionality was removed from it's previous location.

    SOME of that functionality was moved to the metro start screen. Some of it was moved to the charms bar and some even moved to the odd and ugly tacked on looking admin menu and the rest was not replicated anywhere requiring you to go to Explorer and dredge things up from there (Like a list of your installed but rarely used programs which was nicely hidden till you needed it unlike the way everything is plastered everywhere on the start screen in one giant mess).

    It used to all be in one spot, a nice neat little package. Now it's just everywhere, largely hidden, available only through magic mouse movements or blind typing in just the right location. They took a simple, functional interface and made it ungodly complicated. That's really quite a stunning achievement.

    So yes, I think it would be proper to say that they "Removed the start menu".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruudfood View Post
    So because *some* people don't use it they remove it for everybody? *Some* people don't use the calculator, the Command prompt and Regedit - why don't they take those out as well?
    Be careful, there may be someone from MS lurking round these parts and they will remove those as well. Based of course upon consumer experience!!!
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    Surely anyone over the age of 5 can see that forcing users to the start screen constantly forces the MS online services at the users.

    How can people not see that?

    Even Mike ( used to be head of Apple Platform - no stranger to forceful marketing ) says he has never seen anything so aggressive.

    MS got telemetry from the DP telling them a lot were choosing the start menu instead of the start screen.

    That is why they ripped the code out.

    They deliberately and cynically removed the choice.

    ( BTW - I don't think I have ever used calculator )
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    Hehe, yeah I use calculator, and the command prompt every day. I never used Media Center but I DID use the mp4 playback every day. As Microsoft saw that not many people used Media Center they pulled it AND mp4 playback out at the same time. So I'm getting hit tangentially on that one And at work, it was super nice that you could /finally/ create mpeg 4 video files and expect the customer to be able to view them without having to tell them to go download extra software... It was a short period of bliss there since were back to XP with video capabilities out of the box again

    At least there is the option to put that back in from the app store. (For $$$ though...)
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    Windows should be completely modular, buy what parts a person wants. Sell windows 8 for like $39.99 and make every else for sale as apps or modular plug-ins.
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