How close is Windows 8 to being 'done'?

By Mary Jo Foley
June 25, 2012, 2:27pm PDT

Summary: When will Microsoft christen Windows 8 as being “done”? At this point in the game, no one from Microsoft has stated this in any official capacity.

Believe or not, folks, Microsoft execs still have not said when Windows 8 will be “done.”

“Done,” in this case, can mean either released to manufacturing or made generally available — your call. But in spite of any rumors you’ve read, pundits to whom you’ve cleaved, or partners who claim to be in the know, there’s been no officially sanctioned word.

This isn’t too surprising, given the increasingly secrecy-obsessed Windows regime. But given most of the sources and contacts with whom I converse believe Windows 8 to be very close to the finish line, it’s still somewhat interesting that no one from Microsoft has offered any substantial guidance here.

Microsoft execs said in September last year that there would be one public developer test build of Windows 8 (which came to be known as the Developer Preview), one public “beta” (the Consumer Preview) and one public Release Candidate (the Release Preview). Officials also have said that we Microsoft-watching-obsessed should not assume that Windows 8 will follow the same cadence as Windows 7 did, in terms of time that elapses between builds, etc.