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Genius Windows 8 Touch Mouse Hands-On: Perform Gestures from Afar

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    I an loath to say this here, but have any of you experienced the Apple Magic Mouse.
    Totally one-handed absolutely superb trackpad/mouse functionality.

    Gestures instead of a thumbwheel etc. Only 50 oops!! instead of 5 a standard mouse.
    Would love to have one of these, but needless to say it only works with the fruit company systems.

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    That is a fail, like Snooki fails at being human, it is indeed epic and senseless
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    What about a flexible touch mat for using your pc from your armchair. I'd buy one of those.
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    Quote Originally Posted by poimetheus View Post
    Nah; a ball near the space bar would be fantastic. I could scroll and push it down (click) with my thumb. I type 90+ wpm; I hate having to lift my hands from the board.
    Or put it on the right in place of the number pad. I have a Logitech M570 wireless trackball and love it. Thumb oriented. I've been using a trackball for years and can't imagine going back to a mouse.
    Now as far a gestures go, I've got one or two for Microsoft.
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    I use this for my media pc: Logitech MX Air Rechargeable Cordless Air Mouse - Mouse - Wireless - RF

    No mouse pad necessary, air gestures to track forward and back and control volume level work really well too.

    why would you want to use two finger scrolling on a mouse anyway? That can't be ergonomic.
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    Great idea, stefalopod! Kinda' pricey though. Maybe I'll get one to try. If I don't like it I can always return. Thanks for sharing
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Genius Windows 8 Touch Mouse Hands-On: Perform Gestures from Afar
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