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Microsoft's big mistake ???

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    Well weirdly it's for the old 10.1 tablet only which are currently being sold at blowout prices because the new tablets are about to hit the shelves any time (or already have).

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    This ban means nothing at all. LOL it's for an old version Samsung as already a replacement.

    "his ban only affects the Galaxy Tab 10.1, a tablet that was introduced more than a year ago. Samsung has already unveiled a newer version of the device — the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 — which is not impacted by Judge Koh’s ruling. Retailers will also be permitted to sell off their remaining Galaxy Tab 10.1 inventory, so Samsung won’t take a hit on units that have already been shipped to distribution partners."
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    But even if it is for the model Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) unveiled; definitely not the HD tablet we're waiting for they should even considerations to take action were with respect to the manufacturer, aside from that their authority to do so. They have file the legal of patent but in a late manner, should be taken in the 1st consumer release of the tab.
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    Google will ship soon the Nexus 7 at only $ 200 with a Quad-core Tegra 3 processor , very fast. Not in the same league as the MS Surface, but it will get a big share of the market for sure.
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    I don't know, but it could be just me, but I believe once Windows 8 tablets and slates hit the market, android tablets will be hugely affected by them. Honestly, the kindle and android tablets seem far too content consuming to be useful, especially kindle. Wow.

    As for the ipad, I think the growth of it will be slowed down. The great thing about a Windows 8 tablet or slate is that the phrase "no compromise" shines the best. You can have the content consumption, whilst having the content creation side. We're getting to a point where even laptops are being shunned in deference for smartphones because they focus on consumption and people want to digitally feast. A Windows Desktop can't really do that effectively.

    Windows 8 tablet PCs will do great as long as the "no compromise" phrase is explained. It's two devices in one with you conveniently because honestly, it's superfluous and lacks economical sense to buy a laptop, then buy a smartphone, ipad, or an android tablet only to have the laptop be used less and less.
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    Almost all of my computing is done on a desktop or laptop.

    Occasionally, I'll go online with the Android phone.

    Not often. And not for content consumption. I check emails
    and post occasionally on the fora. That's it, when it comes
    to mobile computing.

    So the Android is adequate for all my mobile needs. On the
    odd occasion where I'll be away from home for any length of
    time, I take my Acer AS5735 laptop (Win 8 CP 32-bit).

    Won't be rushing out to buy a tablet (Well, I might, if I
    found one for sale very cheap, but it certainly isn't a
    'must-have', and I don't NEED one). If I did, I'd probably
    go the Samsung Android.
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    How bizarre.

    It is quite obviously riddled with compromises.
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Microsoft's big mistake ???
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