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DirectCompute lecture series kickoff!

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    DirectCompute lecture series kickoff!

    Hello again! Today, we are very excited to announce the DirectCompute Lecture Series. This video series is intended to provide you with information, tips and insights into developing DirectCompute applications. A component of DirectX, DirectCompute is Microsoft’s GPGPU programming solution that enables you to utilize the GPU for general purpose computing on Windows.

    GPUs are useful for purposes other than graphics. As such, the need for APIs to harness their potential has grown rapidly over the last several years. At Microsoft, we have developed DirectCompute in response to this need. Because it can run on all DirectX 11 hardware and most DirectX 10.1 hardware, you can safely use DirectCompute for core application functionality across many customer segments. As part of the Direct3D API, DirectCompute can be seamlessly integrated with games, CAD tools, and other graphic applications.

    Furthermore, the integration with Direct3D makes DirectCompute an attractive choice for any scientific computing applications that require data visualization. The Compute Shader Extensions library provides access to high-performance implementations of common computing algorithms, such as parallel prefix reduction and multi-dimensional fast Fourier transform.

    In the opening video lecture, Robert Hess hosts a round table discussion of thought leaders in parallel computing. More lectures will follow regarding DirectCompute, developing DirectCompute applications, and tips for optimizing performance and integrating the DirectCompute data into the graphics pipeline.

    As a part of this series, we will continue to release lectures presented by developers - some of which will address key parallel programming scenarios. The series will begin with high-level topics common to most DirectCompute scenarios, and continue into deeper lectures that examine more complex problems and algorithms.

    If you are interested in doing some GPU computing, look for our video lectures here. More lectures will be posted here as they become available.

    Happy coding!


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    ummm.....interested, i am........ADD, i many questions do i get to ask?
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DirectCompute lecture series kickoff!
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